Saturday, January 16, 2021

Beloit All Ready to Start Fall 2020 gBETa Cohorts

Beloit has announced five companies from the area selected for its Fall 2020 gBETA cohorts. The startups include: Aktibo Athletics CEO Johann Hayag, GLW Nicholas...

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    From Zero To $15 Million Per Month In Less Than 4 Years: ’ Business Growth

    Having confidence and clear goals in life is the perfect combination for success. Also, maintaining a clear focus and having constant motivation in what you want to be in the future are vital aspects to develop success at both personal and professional levels. Where to advance, even in difficult times, is the primary stimulus to realize all the proposed objectives. Perhaps it is a skill that not everyone possesses; however, there are people who, from a very early age, have a clear vision of what they want to be in life. This is the story of entrepreneur Derek James.

    Since his childhood, Derek felt an innate attraction to business, so much so that most of his childhood games made references to selling or buying something. It wasn’t even just about monetary gain; he loved it, building businesses from scratch, as it was very satisfying for him. He started working in sales as a child.

    Right after college, he noticed that working for corporate companies was not what he wanted. He knew he was an entrepreneur and made several attempts to get start up businesses off the ground. He finally started his e-commerce technology business, that’s when he entered the world of online sales.

    In this way, he was able to found one of his first online sales companies, Magic Digital Media, which specialized in high-end consulting for large scale brands on Amazon, and performing consulting services. After much success with this, he decided to go out and launch his own brands.


    Determined to achieve his goals, Derek embarks on his own path in online sales, and now obtains a monthly sales figure of more than $15 million dollars with his own brands on channels like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Google, and Instagram.

    At no time was this a simple job. However, he never gave up because his goal was to be motivated enough to stay focused on every step he took. The results were impressive.

    His skills and work led him to the birth of EnerPlex, one of his brands, where he manages to earn more than $12 million dollars a month in sales with this brand alone. On the other hand, he created VA Relief, which specializes in assigning high-level virtual assistants to online sellers to manage and operate the back end of their online business.

    For Derek, it has not been easy to walk the path to success, as everyone has encountered significant obstacles. However, his determination in his objectives has led him to overcome each one of them, and little by little, with a lot of work and effort, he has achieved his independence in his verticals.

    Quality and Distinction

    Derek assures that one of the aspects that are a priority in his company is to provide quality products and services. From his perspective, the quality and distinction offered by his company are unique. This differentiates him from other brands. Derek has been able to enter main categories on Amazon and compete with leading brands that have tens of thousands of reviews.

    His main objective is to satisfy the needs of his potential buyers. Seeing that its products are top notch, he remains focused on continuing to provide quality that differentiates it from the rest of the brands.

    Example For Others

    Currently, in addition to the great progress that his company has made, Derek has spoken at  events sharing his work experience. On the other hand, he has also mentored and coached great players in the industry; even through Instagram, he built an audience of over 100k followers that have been motivated by his content and achievements.

    He says that one of the ways he has motivated others to achieve their career goals has always been to showcase his sales so that people know he is real and that it is possible, and because of this, his particular knowledge and experience are valuable.

    In this way, encourages others to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals with hard work and effort.

    Maintaining a goal-oriented mentality is the priority in Derek James’ life, through hard work and a great deal of daily effort, to finally amass over a billion dollars since one of his dreams is to one day own an NBA team.

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