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Walter Schulze

Walter Schulze – Startup, Technology and Entrepreneurship News.

The main focus of Walter Schulze is to bring all the breaking news stories in the tech and startup world and to ensure that Startup Fortune offers a timely reporting on the trends happen in the industry. Most of his news content also gets released through other market wires in the startup sector.

He has formerly spent over 3 years as a trader in the U.S. Stock Market and is now semi-stepped down. He now works on a part time basis for Startup Fortune specializing in covering tech and startup news and he also sheds light on investment opportunities and trends.

Email: walterschulze@startupfortune.com


Mervik Haums

Mervik Haums – Blockchain, Technology and Finance News.

Mervik Haums is Buidler (developer of blockchain technologies), PR and Marketing Strategist. A blessed, ordinary being from Goa, India. He’s an early crypto adopter and the blockchain technologies. He’s previously associated with project BloqWire, Adzfeed, Toqqn & more

Email: editor@startupfortune.com


Judith Murphy

Judith Murphy – Trading, Investing & Blockchain.

Judith Murphy gives “Startup Fortune” an insight into the most recent news hitting the “Basic Materials” sector in Wall Street.

She has been an independent financial adviser for over 11 years in the city and in recent years turned her experience in finance and passion for journalism into a full time role. She performs analysis of blockchain startups and cryptocurrency initiatives and posts valuable information for the community.

Email: judithmurphy@startupfortune.com


Janet Harrison

Janet Harrison – Blockchain & Digital Currencies.

Janet Harrison has over 16 years experience in the financial services industry giving her a vast understanding of how news affects the financial markets, and an early adopter of blockchain technology and digital currencies.

Janet is an active holder and trader spending the majority of her time analyzing blockchain projects, reports and watching new and upcoming projects and other initiatives in the industry. She has a Masters Degree in Economics with previous roles counting Investment Banking.

Email: janetharrison@startupfortune.com


Hiro Hamada

Hiro Hamada – Banking & Finance, Business News.

Hiro is passionate about business and finance news with over 4 years experience in the industry starting as a writer working his way up into senior positions.

His contribution plays big role in the driving force behind Startup Fortune with a vision to broaden the news platform’s readership throughout 2019. Hiro is one of our editors and reports mainly on “Banking & Finance” and Business sections.

Email: editor@startupfortune.com


Dave Viii

Dave Viii – Marketing and Business News.
Dave is a professional Marketing Strategist With Over 6 Years Of Experience in PR. His primary area of expertise is public relations and social branding. Dave has been associated with various content projects from across the world on a regular basis. He has also had associations with big and reputed news networks such as BloqWire, Mmedia, Coin Post etc. Dave contributes to Startup Fortune in the Business, Marketing and Technology sections.

Email: dave@startupfortune.com

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