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Beloit All Ready to Start Fall 2020 gBETa Cohorts

Beloit has announced five companies from the area selected for its Fall 2020 gBETA cohorts. The startups include: Aktibo Athletics CEO Johann Hayag, GLW Nicholas...

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    Persist, Improve, and Keep Going: and his Philosophy for Success

    To be successful, you have to work hard. The reason this might sound familiar is because well, it’s true. Some things are closely linked to hard work. This phrase encompasses a lot, and is what the founder of NXTGEN, , discovered at a very young age.

    His story began when he was just a 13-year-old teenager. That’s where his journey as an entrepreneur and technology lover begins. His first project was the creation of a server used in Minecraft, with which he was very successful, so much so that it generated thousands of dollars.

    He followed the path and learned how to develop webs, and a year later he was already known in his community. Shortly after, companies from all sectors called him to create their sites. His income kept falling thanks to his work. It seemed that everything was getting better, until he got his big idea.

    At the age of 16, he was dedicated to the creation of apps for mobile devices, his goal being to enter the App Store and the Play Store. Together with a team, NXTGEN was born, which at the beginning, was exclusively a company dedicated to the development of apps for mobiles, companies, and celebrities. But to be recognized as it is today, NXTGEN had to go through some challenges.

    Continuous Improvement Guarantees Success

    Kohen learned very quickly that if he wanted to be successful in the app business, he would have to improve every day. This is because to appear on the App Store, he had to have high quality. That was one of the biggest challenges this then 16-year-old had to face.

    But, he says that he never doubted his quality, and that’s why he always persisted. He improved all aspects of his applications until he was able to exceed Apple’s requirements. That moment in his career as an entrepreneur is when he understood that continuous improvement is what guarantees success.

    Since then, his applications are available on two major platforms in the market. Also, he continues to innovate every day, working for clients such as Benjamin Kickz, another well-known successful young man.

    The quality of his work has made him a name in the industry, and his expansion is already a given. With national recognition, he provides his services to large companies and personalities everywhere.

    Net highlights that it is not only about improving the product or service you offer, but it is also about improving the company. Making your customers feel satisfied can provide a solution to all their needs. For this reason, the company NXTGEN continues to evolve in what is a continuous improvement and adds new services for its demanding clientele.

    Improving The Business To Keep Growing

    As we mentioned, Net has always wanted to offer the best and most complete company. That’s why, thanks to the relationship he has had with celebrities and large companies, he has been able to broaden the vision of NXTGEN.

    Seeing that most of his clients are in the field of marketing and public relations, he decided to venture into these facets too. Now, his company is not only dedicated to having the most innovative applications in the market, but is at the forefront of marketing, providing high-ticket services.

    That is, without a doubt, a substantial improvement to your business. Diversifying is a great way to keep growing. When you find a way to combine products and services that affect the same market, you can be sure that you are improving your business.

    Net stands out for his business vision. Throughout his career (which is not very long, but full of successes), he has always seen the opportunities to grow. It is a skill that successful people have, they can detect unique opportunities and above all, generate money. This guy has been generating income since he was 13 years old, which makes it very clear how today at 20, he runs a big company.

    The lessons learned from the history of people like Net Kohen are very valuable. His message is: Persist, Improve, and Continue.

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