Monday, January 18, 2021

India’s 1000 Crore Seed Funding For Startups

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced on Saturday that the government will launch a Rs 1,000-crore seed fund for startups. The startup is...

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    Work and Effort for Success: How Achieved 6-figure Monthly Income

    An enterprising woman, humble and simple, but with a powerful mind and will. These are the best words to define Paloma, who for more than 8 years, decided to start her business “The New Economy”, pursuing financial freedom and encouraging other people, who, like them, want to live their lives beyond a traditional job and limit their dreams.

    Making this decision was not easy, however, Paloma’s mentality was focused on one goal and she would not rest to achieve it. Today she can look forward to the results. She became the first woman in her company to achieve a 6-figure monthly income in a short time, but with hard work.

    Also, she has managed to form a team of up to 30 thousand people around the world who work daily to build the road to her purposes. But what made Paloma different from the rest of the people? Below, she shares a little of her experience:

    Without Fear of Risk

    One of the things that Paloma considers elementary since she started on this road to her financial freedom, and that also characterizes her in her personal life, is not to be afraid of possible risks.

    Seeing the opportunity, this entrepreneur decided to move forward without considering negative comments she might have encountered along the way. For her, having the opportunity to try even when failure may exist, is much more effective than letting yourself be frozen by fear.

    This is why she assures the importance of forgetting the fear and taking the necessary risks to be closer to the objectives.

    Don’t Expect it to Be Easy

    To expect that being an entrepreneur is a road full of roses is to be fooled from the start, at least that is how this successful entrepreneur sees it. Paloma emphasizes that she tries to keep her mind on her goal at all times. This does not make it any easier, but it does motivate in the face of the many obstacles that may arise.

    “I am very honest with the people on my team, I am not going to paint a fairy tale and tell them that everything will be easy, I am very direct, this allows us to prepare ourselves to move forward even in difficult times”.

    Sow Now, Reap Later

    For Paloma, her team must consider hard and constant work as the path that will allow them to achieve the results they want. “I let them know from the beginning that to have results the work has to come first. To taste the sweet victory you have to swallow the sour drinks first”.

    Work with Passion

    She also claims that doing everything with passion has allowed her to enjoy herself even more in every achievement she accomplishes. It’s not that the path is easy, it’s about enjoying it and sharing the experiences that led you to grow, this will make you even bigger.

    Enjoying every step along the way as a leader, entrepreneur, and developing others has brought great value to your life and also allowed you to transform the minds and lives of many others by sharing from your experience.

    Persistent Mind

    Paloma points out that one of her characteristics is that she does not give up easily and considers that this element should be common to all people who have a dream and work to achieve it.

    “I am a very persistent person, I will not stop until I see my goals fulfilled, I have fallen many times, but I believe that this makes me unique, that I will not give up, because once I see it in my mind I know that it can be done and I believe that this is only part of my character since I was a child”.

    Focus on a Single Goal

    A very important recommendation, according to this expert, is to keep your mind on one goal. While as you move forward you can look to new horizons, thinking about achieving everything at once can overwhelm you to the point of achieving nothing.

    The best thing, from her experience, is to work on goals individually, so you will see better and greater results.

    Paloma plans to continue growing until she reaches the top of her company. In addition to continuing to influence and guide others to achieve their financial freedom and uniquely live their dreams.

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