Atayen Launches Blockchain Platform That Rewards Users With SaTT Token For Posting On Social Media


Smart Advertising Transaction Token, also known as for short, upgraded advertising transactions’ process on the blockchain while removing the high costs associated with launching an ad campaign, reducing payment delays for publishers who rely on ad spend revenues, and injecting some much-needed transparency into the industry with performance based payments.

Through ’s decentralized application (dApp), costs are reduced for advertisers and payments are delivered to publishers instantly. Currently it can take 30 to 90 days to get compensated through an affiliate or and traditional campaign while it takes less than 1 minute with SaTT thanks to the Ethereum network and the revolution of smart-contracts.

With companies running ad campaigns receive up-to-date statistics on each post from their publishers and more generally how their ads are performing — providing precious intelligence on what performs, and what doesn’t. It rewards influencers that promote products or services in a fair system.

A tool suite that anyone can use easily

In order to make the solution available to everyone, the Atayen’s team has developed a wallet that is easy to use, a simple click to connect with facebook, google or telegram creates a wallet that can stock BTC, ETH, SaTT and other ERC20.

The wallet allows you to make simple transactions such as paying or getting paid as easily as sending an email, the interface allows in the same way to interact easily with the dapp and smartcontract.

“It was a great challenge for the team to be able to offer such a tool usable by everyone and especially for those with little or no knowledge of blockchain.” Said Gauthier Bros, CEO of Atayen.

How can I be compensated for my social media posts?

Let’s take an example to describe the process, one of your favourite video is running a campaign for their users to share with their friends through social networks and are rewarding the best posts based on their performances. First you need to create a post about it on twitter, facebook, instagram or a video on your youtube channel.

Once done, you can publish the links of your post on the interface, it’s as easy as sharing a link on social media, if the post follows advertising terms and is approved by the advertiser, it will be store on the blockchain and you will be able to be paid based on your network performance such as views, likes and shares…
When your post make results (example 20 likes and 2,000 views) you can request your payment by clicking the “get paid” button, it will trigger the Oracle (I.E: Oracle: is a small statistics software connected with the smartcontract) which will verify and certify the performance of your post(s)  on the blockchain and automatically process the payment  from advertiser pre-loaded budget  to your wallet.

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According to the company, this creates a win-win situation all round. Advertisers stand to gain an increase in their sales and reputation, publishers get the opportunity to earn much-deserved compensation for compelling content, and oracles developers receive a commission for ensuring that payments are fast and based on true networks performances.

What’s the roadmap to disrupt ad markets with blockchain?

Several milestones have already been achieved since 2019. In the first quarter, oracles for YouTube, and Instagram were unveiled, along with a beta version of its smart contract. ’s DApp went live in the second quarter of the year.

The first 10 YouTube ad campaigns were successfully completed.
Now, Atayen’s team is working to release the API that can allow third party developers to develop their own oracles, by example Tiktok, Linkedin and maximise the adoption of the  SaTT solution on several platforms and spread its tools and utility tokens within the advertising industry.

Also, beyond the world of advertising in order to reach a wider adoption, the team has created and installed a pay by SaTT module on store that allows brands to sell directly goods or services with SaTT on the network.

While expanding and developing its solutions, the SaTT team continues its funding goals and plans to be listed in major exchanges in the second quarter 2020.

The project was able to attract some of the most respected influencers in the blockchain industry, such as Richard Wang, from the Dragon Draper Fund, who kindly accepted the SaTT invitation to join the project board of advisors in order to support in the final phase of their ICO.

The digital advertising landscape is continually changing, lately google has announced the end of cookies, and content creators are facing a constant battle to ensure they are fairly paid for their hard work, SaTT is shaking up the industry by solving this issue. Their stance is simple: digital advertising can be faired with blockchain.

Discover more about SaTT : Click here

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