Interview With Marco Mottana, CEO of 01Quantum project


The financial market has always been a complex one, and not everyone understands the technicalities involved. Therefore, it takes one with an excellent understanding of the working of the market to make money in it. This has created a massive gap between professionals and beginners in the financial market. 01Quantum is introducing an entirely new solution that makes it possible for all parties to thrive in the current financial market to bridge this obvious gap. 01Quantum is a project that seeks to revolutionize the world of digital banking. 

To achieve this goal, 01Quantum has entered into a partnership with Ats (Ambassador trading system) Sharing Ltd and CFX Quantum, a cryptocurrency company that uses Fujitsu’s quantum computing technology.  01Quantum is a combination of blockchain applications that use technology to execute online banking operations. It is an ecosystem that less experienced users in the financial world can easily “interact” with in the course of their transactions.

You are welcome to this interview, and it’s a great honor having you. People would like to know who Marco Mottana is. So, who is Marco Mottana?

Marco is the CEO of 01Quantum and the founder of CFX Quantum. I come from more than 30 years of experience in money management, especially in stock market financial analysis. In fact, I was the person who introduced 30 years ago the stock market technical analysis in Italy. Over the years, I have trained a good number of private and institutional investors in Italy. In my long career, I have written and published several articles and two successful books on money management. 

So, tell us Marco, what is 01Quantum all about? Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Many people find it very difficult to invest and leverage the opportunities available in the financial market like the stock market, crypto market, etc. 01Quantum is part of an ecosystem that eliminates the complexity and allows even beginners to exploit the new trends of financial technology.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of 01Quantum?

I have been involved in money management for more than three decades. One of the significant things I learned is that there is a huge gap between most private investors and institutional investors due to a lack of the right technique or information about the financial market. It became my desire to create a level playing field for all players in the market. 01Quantum will be that level playing field. 

That’s very thoughtful of you. So how does this 01Quantum work?

01Quantum is based on a blockchain platform that allows transparency and speed in transactions. The ecosystem includes, thanks to CFX Quantum, the most sophisticated solution of quantum inspired technology allowing thousands of calculations executed at speeds hundreds of times faster than the last generation computer. Arbitrage trades with this technology obtain zero market risks. 

Every digital financial marketplace thrives on liquidity. 01Quantum is a relatively new entry into the market; how do you plan to get people onboard your platform?

Our model makes 01Quantum enticing to potential users that we have little or nothing to do to bring them on board. We have a strong referral marketing system thanks to ATS Ambassador, with the innovative products in the ecosystem everyone will be happy to share with friends and the market will grow by itself.

There are currently a number of platforms offering the same service as 01Quantum in the digital financial marketplace. How are you different from them?

Beside the inner quality of the mobile APP and simple transactions, that are in itself worth to try, our ecosystem allows anyone, even the less sophisticated, to understand new technologies and enter promising markets with a very low or near to zero risk. 

Things like “Stablecoins” and “Decentralized Finance”, where you can obtain a premium through “staking,” will no longer be a fact of tech traders.

Does 01Quantum have any partners? 

We believe that partnerships are the fuel of fintech projects, we do cooperate with leading companies in blockchain technology, decentralized finance, etc. Our two major partners are CFX Quantum and Ats (Ambassador trading system) Sharing Ltd.

As a new project, what has been the biggest challenge so far?

Our biggest challenge so far has been liaising amongst our different partners and trying to reach a consensus on the best approach to serve our users. It is not an easy task to get international corporations together to align with your vision and offer their services in that regard. I thank everyone at CFX Quantum and Ats Sharing Ltd; they really did great in their support. 

Does 01Quantum offer global services or is it localized?

Since every area has its licencing laws, by now we provide EU and UK localized digital financial services. We are working for the development of both America and Asia that should be ready by end of year.

What should people expect from 01Quantum in the next few years?

That’s a wonderful question. Truthfully, with the dedicated team working on this project, the enormous support from our partners, and our novel business model, 01Quantum will become a global financial service provider in the next few years. 


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