Athena Facility Advisor Program


Athena, a vertically integrated formulator, manufacturer of liquid and dry fertilizer blends designed for commercial cannabis cultivators, offers a complete Facility Advisor service designed to help their extensive commercial grower network succeed while using the Athena Program. 

The number one goal at Athena is to breed success. The team of Facility Advisors at Athena is made up of experienced growers that use the Athena Program in their personal gardens and implement into facilities that they currently consult for. They have a strong belief that “if you don’t do it, you don’t know it.” The Facility Advisors have first-hand knowledge of irrigation strategy, EC stacking, IPM, Dosatron, and overall facility standard operating procedures. Athena’s Facility Advisor program offers an added service at no charge for commercial growers and licensed producers. 

“Our facility advisors learn from some of the best in the game to help guide facilities using the Athena program out in the field. The combination of years of knowledge, and years of R&D.” Stated Brandon Burkhart, Founder of Athena. The team is outfitted with Facility Advisor kits that contain instruments to measure PPFD/energy, water content, EC, substrate temperature in the medium, ORP and more. These tools allow the Facility Advisor team help their facilities diagnose problems and optimize quality yields.

Athena’s Facility Advisor team has grown exponentially with top-talent nationwide, recently adding an International Facility Advisor. The growing team’s experience can be found below.

Steve Huff is the Athena technical support behind all of their phone calls and DMs. He has over 25 years of experience and has managed over 30,000 sqft of canopy. His areas of expertise are nutrient management, irrigation, and IPM SOPs.

Brian Carlevato has 15 years of experience and can offer SOP development, greenhouse production and optimization, indoor cultivation, irrigation, and IPM SOPs. He has managed 20,000 sqft of canopy.

JJ Crossan carries his specialty in irrigation and IPM and has over 20 years of experience. He currently also manages over 20 acres.

Ryan Brown specializes in Irrigation, IPM and greenhouse management. He has over 12 years of experience and has managed 19,000 sqft of canopy.

Patrick Bolyard is the newest member of the facility advisor team. He specializes in LED growing, media dryback strategies and IPM SOPs. 10,000 sqft of canopy managed and 12 years of experience.

Max Britt handles the expanding MI market and surrounding areas and has 13 years of cultivation experience. Max has managed over 20 acres. He specializes in irrigation strategy, environmental control, and IPM SOPs.

Henry Canby is Athena’s Greenhouse Facility Advisor. He has managed over 70 acres of canopy and has a decade of cultivation experience. He specializes in greenhouse production, fertilizer analysis, drybacks, and IPM SOPs.

Alex Johnson has 15 years of experience and manages 30,000 sqft. He specializes in indoor cultivation, irrigation strategy, and IPM SOPs.

Athena will continue to do what’s best for the grower. By helping to create success, in facilities around the world.

About Athena

Athena exists to support the modern grower, no matter the scale. Our core principle is to formulate products that improve quality, reduce costs and drive consistency. Athena was born in the grow rooms of Los Angeles, California, where we are always in pursuit of the perfect run. As the weight of being a cultivator increases, we exist to make the complex simple.

Athena is not a nutrient line; it is a program. Always in pursuit of the perfect run.

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