BLOCKS DAO Partnering with BizSecure To Use Verifiable Credentials and Self-Sovereign Identity for Client Flexibility and Data Transparency


BLOCKS DAO, LLC is the First ever Wyoming-based DAO LLC committed to onboarding traditional industries to blockchain.  With seven modules already live and partnerships announced with the publicly traded company, HUMBL, and blockchain company Revest.  This latest partnership with government contract specialists and self-sovereign identity experts, BizSecure, rounds out the BLOCKS DAO’s industry-agnostic approach to partnerships. 

The Age of DAO

As an evolution of governance and dissolution of common organizational structures that can introduce weakness by involving third parties, a DAO is unique and rides on blockchain’s decentralization. 

In a DAO setup, all decisions are automatically executed once certain conditions are met to approve a smart contract. 

There are no majority owners in this setup. Instead, owners of digital assets access rights where votes are cast within a defined decentralized principle adhering to certain conditions. 

The four guiding principles in a DAO are accountability, privacy preservation of its members’ details, transparency and honesty as encapsulated by the blockchain’s guiding values, and most importantly, democratic participation. 

The decision of BLOCKS to launch a fully registered DAO in the United States is out of necessity considering its objectives and the need to boost client confidence. 

BLOCKS eventually wants to help traditional industries transit to the blockchain without contravening any existing laws. 

The blend of decentralization, new technology in blockchain, the confidence of verifiable credentials, and the DAO highlights the benefits of emerging technologies and how it is shaping businesses.

Self-Sovereign Identity and Verifiable Credentials Represent Autonomy, Freedom, and Flexibility

Increasingly, and with increasing digitization, people and firms are paying closer attention to data protection. 

The role of verifiable credentials in the blockchain, especially when integrated into DAO, is indispensable. With self-sovereign identity, the end-user is assured of protection. 

Making this possible is using Zero-Knowledge Proof and Selective Privacy, where DAO members where provenance is enabled without necessarily having to divulge identifying details. 

Unlike centralized channels that may be compromised, cryptography in a secure, decentralized base layer guarantees privacy and autonomy. 

This way, the end-user would have control of their data and be flexible, hopping from one portal to another, not necessarily with crumbs. There are no gatekeepers, and the baked-in interoperability creates more functionality, beneficial to clients.

BLOCKS DAO meets Secured, Transparent, and Non-Custodial Data powered by BizSecure

A mix of self-sovereignty, data privacy, interoperability, and digital existence in a decentralized, trustless environment adds more benefits to firms relying on DAOs for effective governance. 

By leveraging this model of governance and decision-making, BLOCKS users are guaranteed data confidentially. It is because there are no loopholes for exploitation leading to compromise. 

Additionally, there is an aspect of transportability since control is decentralized and non-custodial, where the end-user with assets remains in charge.

Based on these benefits, BLOCKS is convinced that risks will be reduced, anonymizing the exchange of critical health, credit, and other services’ data. 

The end-user, not the intermediary or the custodian, controls how this data is shared, even approving analysis of the same data if necessary. 

It is suitable for a DAO because, being a blockchain-based internet, there is no room for copying data without proper authentication required in an immutable ledger. 

Furthermore, through self-sovereign identity, it would be possible to create reputation models, going a long way in building trust in a peer-to-peer market.

In all, combining the non-custodial control of data in BLOCKS DAO represents their progressive decentralization. At the same time, it would be setting the model for DAOs to be accountable and compliant.

More About BizSecure

BizSecure creates Immutable Data Services (IDS) platform that empowers Governments and organizations around the world to build and verify trusted digital relationships.

The BizSecure vision is a world where digital barriers of trust and privacy no longer exist; instead, a user’s right to privacy, security, and autonomy are built consciously into our governments, corporations, and social systems. With BizSecure IDS you can easily create an immutable digital representation of any physical asset for everyday proof.  


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