Bruna Rubio’s Take on Success

Bruna Rubio
Success can be different for everyone

Success is a confusing concept. Everyone is running after it, but few really know what it means. Moreover, it can mean something different for everyone. For some people, success can be having lots of wealth. For some, it can be having a big or an expensive car. And for some, it can be as simple as learning something new each day.

After a rich acting career and now with her own production company, you would assume Bruna Rubio to consider herself successful by now. And she does, but not necessarily for those reasons. So, what is Bruna Rubio's take on success? Keep reading to find out.

What Success Means to Bruna Rubio

According to some people's definition of success, Bruna has definitely had a successful life. She was bagging acting jobs from brands like Nestle and Pepsi since she was three. She starred in the Spanish version of Sesame Street. After moving to the U.S., she continued to star in various Spanish films and soaps. She even started her very own production company with many completed as well as on-going projects under her belt.

Reading all that, you would also definitely think Bruna is successful. And Bruna certainly agrees. However, it's not for the reasons you're thinking. For Bruna, success simply means doing what you love and making a decent earning from it. It doesn't have to be a big or traveling around the world. It doesn't have to be fame or meeting big celebrities, even though Bruna has achieved both of these. 

It is simply doing what you love. For Bruna, she loves acting, producing and showcasing her country's talent, and fortunately, she's able to do it every day. Doing what she does brings her immense joy and happiness in life, and that is the greatest achievement and success she can get in life. Bruna Rubio's take on success is that such happiness and meaning are much more important than all the and riches in the world.

Since her success and happiness aren't attached to any of her material possessions or accomplishments, Bruna lives a content life with no fear of losing her business or anything. She focuses on living in the present and doing her best every day. 

There's a lot we can learn from Bruna. Despite facing many tragedies in her life, losing her parents and the father of her children, she has continued to be brave and positive and believe in herself.


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