Earn $1 Million In Just 7 Months By Starting Own Business: Shaquille Hinkson Story

Shaq Hinkson

Constant work, dedication, and determination are aspects that can lead you to achieve great results if you set your mind to it. Although undertaking is not an easy decision, once you dare to take the first step, with certainty and confidence, you will continue to move forward until you achieve the long-awaited results. The story of Shaquille Hinkson is a good example of it, a young who achieved success through his efforts.

Shaq is an entrepreneur who found success in the automotive environment. This was his passion since he was very young, and at the age of 17, he decided to combine what he liked with his energy and desire to excel. What began with a car wash in his ended up becoming a successful high-end vehicle detailing company.

Nicks Professional Touch is the name of the first Shaq undertook and the one that continues to march in the way until now. The criticism, negative reactions, and even disapproval of many people were part of the negative aspects that this young man had to go through on his way to the .

However, his commitment, confidence, and work kept him focused on his goals and made him able to achieve what he really dreamed of. He invested all his capital in this project and spent all the necessary time to advertise from various areas, social networks, business cards, even a truck that drove through the streets labeled with all the information about his business.

Each of these strategies yielded the result that Shaq expected. In just 7 months he recovered his investment and multiplied his income up to $1 million. Today, in addition to being a millionaire, he has two other projects that have achieved huge success.

Nicks Professional Supplies and Nicks Professional . An exclusive line of products for vehicle detailing and an online program to guide young people who want to start in the car detailing industry.

Define Your Purposes

One of the aspects that should characterize the beginning of any business is the objectives you want to achieve. This will allow you to establish the path that will lead you to them and the actions that you must carry out to achieve them.

It is essential to have a clear idea of your idea. It is something common to focus on what you like or are passionate about. This will make it easier to have the most visible objectives and to be able to work based on them.

In Shaq's case, this proved to be very effective. He has always been clear about his passion for cars and generating ideas that will lead him to work on them motivated him even more to work with confidence and dedication to fulfill his purposes.

Don't Avoid Failure

While failure is not a pleasant experience, it is far from easy to face, and avoiding it does not help. Seeing failure or mistakes made as a favorable experience for growth, even for advancement with further learning, will be even more effective.

In the case of Shaq, his path has had great ups and downs. Despite them, he has not stopped. On the contrary, each bump in the road has served to create new learning and continue his path to the goals.

It has not been easy, but he remains proud of the results. In part, it has been the hard road that has given greater value to each of his projects and has taught him how to differentiate himself from the competition.

Think Big

When you start, it is important to visualize how far you want to go, as you reach your initial goals. New projects will come to your mind and the desire to continue moving forward will not stop. Instead, the results will be an inspiration to others and you will have the alternative of always going for more.

Shaq's development has been defined by visualizing his goals. What began with one company ended up gaining more scope, with the appearance of other projects in which it had the initiative.

Its current purpose is to continue growing and take its brand to other levels, to have the possibility of standing out in other countries of the world for the quality of products and services it offers.         

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