How To Select The Right Payment Gateway For A Startup?

Health care startup

It is very important for startups to choose the right from the very beginning. The right payment gateway will ensure the secure transfer of funds from the payment application to the merchant’s account. Depending on their merchant’s needs, payment gateway service providers usually offer several features.

It becomes important for the merchants to clarify their needs to the service providers to ensure that their has a comprehensive digital model. Depending on the need of the customer, the payment should be enabled on the app, web pages and/or webfront. Quick and easy onboarding is a challenge that online payment solutions providers faced even earlier when they were trying businesses to adopt digital modes of payments.

Startups that face mobility and time constraints should consider a gateway that offers the option of online boarding as it is fast, easy and a convenient process for payments . it is to be noted that a few payment gateways have a purchasing fee and also an added monthly subscription fee. It in an increase of the burden in the long run, when combined with the payment processing fee and certain other hidden charges. Hence one should always go for a service provider that offers zero setup charges and no Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC).

The checkout experience is also important. It is one of the key drivers in the growth or reduction of while making online in the country. The customers are unlikely to make online payments on your platform if they face any challenge while making online transactions. But they will continue using the services if they are able to make a swift transaction. Hence, it is important to choose a that offers a seamless experience to the customers.

The gateway selected should be secure for the business and the consumers. It is vital to ensure that the service provider has a ready set of tools to prevent any online frauds. A gateway when it complies with the PCI DSS achieves the highest level of data protection. Any business should ensure that its payment gateway is PCI DSS certified.


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