Revolutionizing Web3 Launches: Eclipse Fi Raises $1.9 Million to Establish Decentralized Hub on Cosmos and Prominent Layer 2 Chains

eclipse fi

Eclipse Fi (“Eclipse”), a modular multi-chain launch protocol built on Cosmos and integrating with leading Layer-2 protocols, has announced the closing of its $1.9 million raise and successful TGE conducted on December 22 which sold out in seconds.

The fundraise was representative of the ethos of Eclipse, creating a fair cap table with a diverse group of leading Web3 VCs, angel investors, and influencers. Participants include Big Brain Holdings, Rarestone Capital, Momentum 6, NxGen, Crypto Banter, Cogitent Ventures, Token Metrics, Kyros Ventures, Faculty Group, Master Ventures, Ivan on Tech, Brian D Evans, Danish Chaundry, Gainzy and more. 

The news followed a successful year of business development for Eclipse that included over 35 secured partnerships and collaborations, a strong pipeline of projects for the inaugural launchpad lineup, an extensive KOL network, 200,000 testnet participants, and over 250,000 community members across social media platform. 

Eclipse is unique from other launchpads in that it is looking to solve the cross-chain user experience and sustainability issues that plague most launchpads. This will be done using innovative features such as Smart Accounts and a cross-chain architecture that simplifies the whole use journey. Eclipse is also committed to deep ecosystem building and has selected to focus on the Cosmos ecosystem with a home base on Neutron blockchain, as well as emerging Layer-2s like Mantle, Linea and Base. These ecosystems hold immense potential for robust foundations and collaborative ecosystem growth.

Eclipse Founder Simon Chadwick says, “We have spent nearly two years developing a token launch model that is sustainable and focuses first and foremost on community. Eclipse removes many of the hurdles seen in most launchpads, while providing the incentives across stakeholders to remain active participants in both our internal community and each respective project’s communities. In summary, we are offering the simplicity of Web2 for the future of all Web3 token launches – an experience we coined ‘onboard your grandma’.”

Other features of the platform include the first application of fully decentralized privacy-preserving zk-KYC, a modular toolkit for customizable community-aligned launch, on and off-chain reputation scoring, and a comprehensive due diligence process for prospective launchpad projects. 

Eclipse’s native token $ECLIP had its TGE on December 22 after rapidly selling out in IDOs on EnjinStarter, Neutron, Impossible Finance, SpartaDex, and GameFi. The token launch included listings on Astroport, the leading DEX on Cosmos, Neutron, Arbitrum on Camelot DEX, and Token holders will be able to stake their $ECLIP tokens immediately following the launch, ensuring they are provided a chance to participate in upcoming token launches on the platform.


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