PayPal Brings A Women Luminaries Program In Singapore Encouraging Greater Diversity In Tech

// Singapore, 20 August 2019 // PayPal has launched the Women Luminaries Program (WLP) to help empower female students passionate about technology to pursue a career in the field. This initiative strives to dispel stereotypes surrounding the industry, correct the current gender imbalance and nurture talent for the industry.

According to recent diversity reports, women are still underrepresented in most tech companies, especially in technical and leadership roles. In Singapore, women only occupy about 25% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) jobs, and account for only 30% of entrepreneurs in tech and non tech roles, according to Girls in Tech[1].

In light of the diversity gap, the first installment of the WLP is designed to identify female students from several local universities who demonstrate a keen interest and aptitude to build a career in tech. The program is open to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PR) residing in the country, for students in their second or third year of their respective bachelor programs with participating universities. The applicant needs to be enrolled in courses related to computer science or engineering to be eligible for the program. The applicant must demonstrate strong capabilities to innovate and contribute to the tech industry.

The program will begin on 20 August 2019, with three annual scholarships awarded to one student from each of the following Singapore Universities: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Singapore Management University and Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Successful recipients will receive a one-time scholarship. They will also have access to PayPal’s extensive network of mentors and industry experts for career guidance, along with exclusive technical workshops, events, courses that are offered to PayPal employees. In addition, recipients will be able to apply for internship opportunities at PayPal for their university attachments and receive exposure to real-life scenarios and problem-solving under close guidance from PayPal’s senior engineers.

“Gender diversity and inclusion plays a huge role in PayPal’s core values, and we are committed to creating an environment where individuals of diverse backgrounds are welcomed,” said Jerry Tso, Director, PayPal Singapore’s Development Center. “In building the fintech ecosystem, it is important that we promote women in engineering by nurturing female tech talent and provide them with opportunities that would help them stay in the industry and become leaders. With our expertise and network, PayPal is in the position to offer these opportunities and build Singapore’s next generation of fintech talent that will see women on par with men in the industry in every aspect.”

More information on WLP’s details and criteria can be found here

Promote Social Inclusion, Stresses Women Startup Summit India Participants

India offers an ecosystem that provides far stronger participation from women entrepreneurs, removing barriers that prevent them from starting commercial projects, said organizers of the Women’s Startup Summit, which took place in Kochi, the initial center of the Indian state of Kerala. .

It was also shown that most women who were educated in high-level skills, such as Kerala, had not yet realized their potential in business ventures. “Proposals and issues raised at such meetings will have an impact on the council’s decision,” she added in the inaugural address that day, which was held in collaboration with the Native Women’s Network in the Confederation Industry.

It is a mistake to maintain the general belief that new companies are systematically linked to new and innovative products. “There are products based on needs and others based on possibilities. Women must use their great potential,” he said.

The meeting was an opportunity for women to restore business opportunities that are often missed due to system failures. Because women have proven their superiority in higher education, KSUM must promote their professional profile by facilitating opportunities.

The meeting took place in the context of 13% women’s participation in the ecological ecosystem of Kerala and a proactive approach by the state government to increase women’s participation in this sector.