Friday, October 23, 2020

Egyptian Entrepreneur Abdulrahman A Starts New Marketplace For Gamers

Abdulrahman A, the young entrepreneur of 27 years, has recently launched the new marketplace for gamers, Gamesbandy. Located in Mansoura, Egypt, Abdulrahman A was a...
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    Top Orlando Office Furniture Launches New Website with Covid-19 Update

    Interior Contract Service, the leader in with over 35 Years Experience, launches new Orlando Office Furniture website with Covid-19 Updates 

    How the Vankyo V630 Projector is Changing Work from Home

    In the past few months, millions of people transitioned to working from home (WFH) as lockdowns were enacted around the globe. Part of this transition is figuring out the most optimal way to work and be productive when juggling multiple responsibilities.

    How Tycoon69 International Will Revolutionize Digital Commerce

    Before cryptocurrencies, was primarily composed of credit card transactions and the associated fees and inconveniences that came with them. Large industries from products and services to digital goods, like gift cards, were reliant on mega-corporations that dictated the rules and transaction terms. For the average consumer, hidden costs of credit cards result in higher prices for goods.

    Markchain, a France based Marketing & PR Agency for Digital Assets projects is booming

    If there is one truth that is uniformly accepted by every person on the face of the earth, it is the fact that no matter the industry, a business will need strong marketing and PR if it ever plans on becoming a known brand. Marketing & PR have proven to be an effective way in which a business can gain more exposure to scale up, attract new customers and gain notoriety.

    ‘Ask Health News’ Reviews Resurge, An Advanced Fitness Formula

    Ask Health News, a renowned fitness blog reviews Resurge supplement for its readers. Resurge is a weight loss dietary formula that has the mission...

    Brandimic Aims to Change The Future of Digital Marketing in The Middle East

    The world of marketing is shifting from traditional strategies like TV ads, billboards, and mail-outs to new digital marketing strategies. This new trend shift has emphasized things like email communications, PPC, and SEO. Digital marketing is getting popular as it is comparatively affordable than the other traditional marketing methods and has tangible results.

    This eccommerce site sees record number of sales through their online subscription based essentials box

    Whilst retail shops have been struggling due to the closure of the economy from courtesy of the coronavirus, has been thriving. The online subscription-based essentials box has remained open for business and have seen some of their best numbers ever – thanks to their online only business model.

    VelSEOity’s Guide to Online Reputation Management for Businesses

    According to of VelSEOity, businesses should prepare for the worst by looking their best. Reputation management is more important now than ever...

    New York Based Fitness Expert Larry Greenfield Announces the Launch of His New Personal Website

    Larry Greenfield, a New York-based fitness coach announces the launch of his website, featuring a blog section where he can share his know-how in the evolving fitness and nutrition space.

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    How to Create a Culture of Innovation and Inclusivity at Workspaces

    Seeing your company touching skies is basically a dream of every entrepreneur. While it the ideas of the owner which needs to be winged,...

    Advantages of Running a Completely Remote Digital Business

    Where flexibility at work can be a biggest asset for any employee, why wouldn’t there be immense attraction? Companies providing flexibility in the form of...

    To Help Small Businesses in India Google Brings ‘Make Small Strong’ Campaign

    Google brings an initiative from mid September called '' with an intention to help small businesses in India to achieve stronger business...

    How Google is ‘Trying’ to Collect the Mobile Numbers and Web Activity of a Billion Indians

    The Google Paradigm:  with their new ‘’ people cards feature, Google is collecting the mobile numbers and online activity of a billion Indians. It is not optional, you MUST verify your phone number and enable your web and app activities sharing while getting that feature.

    The Journey of an Artificially Emotional Bot to Make the World a Better Place

    With the advent of a digital computer or computer-controlled robots that perform tasks commonly associated with , our world is about to change in shocking and amazing ways.

    How to Market Your eCommerce Startup: Marketing Tips and Tricks to Rank Your Online Stores

    Wondering how to approach to promote your digital stores? Here are three simple marketing strategies you can apply to your online stores and websites to improve traffic, and customers.

    To Help Save The Jobs Affected By Automation Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Pledges $5 Million to Andrew Yang’s Humanity Forward

    In an effort to support he former presidential candidate ’s universal basic income and COVID-19 relief efforts, witter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey donates 5 million dollars to the Humanity Forward nonprofit organization, reports The Verge.