Thursday, September 24, 2020

Airtel Startup Accelerator Program Invests in Tech Startup Waybeo

The cloud telephony market is seeing rapid growth as businesses move processes to cloud based platforms. The public cloud services market in India is...
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    Financial Reports are Key to Consider: Four Corners Property Trust Inc. (NYSE: FCPT)

    On Tuesday, Shares of () declined -0.42% to $28.62. The stock traded total volume of 260.353K shares lower...

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    Combining Skills for Change: The Timberlake Speaker’s Path

    In addition to being an outstanding motivational speaker, writer, and excellent communicator, is the lead pastor at Celebration Church. The set of skills that he has managed to develop throughout his life are nothing more than gifts that he assures, God put in him and allowed him to discover, after going through a multitude of difficult circumstances in his life.

    Entrepreneurship Within and Outside Networks: Edu Pruni’s Work and Efforts That Have Led to His Success

    Undertaking a venture into social media, such as influencing a brand, can be quite a challenge. Doing it outside the digital environment is the same. However, having the ability to carry out both tasks successfully is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements. And this is where has wholly excelled.

    The Potential Of Social Media In The Business World: Andrea Bosetti’s Experience

    The potential of social media in the business world is becoming increasingly evident. Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important as an indispensable element for the development of any business. However, generating quality content and properly managing the social profiles of an organization is not just a matter of entertainment or advertising, it goes much further.