The Top 5 Upcoming Airdrops in the Crypto Space


Due to the increasing number of crypto projects that are being added to the crypto space daily, there is the need for the projects to have a very efficient and effective marketing strategy to build a strong community of users. Crypto airdrop is a market stunt that that project founders use to create awareness about their new project in the crypto space. It involves sending free tokens to the wallets of active members as a reward for certain simple tasks such as reposting the social media posts on the official handle of the project, following the project handle on social media, joining their online community especially on telegram, etc. 

With the increasing number of new crypto projects, it is always a difficult task to keep track of these projects as well as tracking airdrops. Here are the top 5 upcoming airdrops in the crypto space to keep an eye on.

Top 5 Upcoming Crypto Airdrops 

  1. The Qube Airdrop

Qube is a universal crypto platform that helps crypto enthusiasts to create, network, earn, trade, and improve their skills in working with crypto assets. Users can earn crypto assets using advanced DeFi tools and also participate in the token sale of promising blockchain projects, buy and sell NFTs, and interact with like-minded individuals on the platform. The QUBE token is an BEP-20 standard, although the team plans to deploy it on three more blockchain networks; the Ethereum, Polygon (MATIC), and Avalanche. They are also working on adding the Cardano blockchain. 

The team recently announced the Qube airdrop is coming up on September 28, 2021. The airdrop will be open to all whitelist subscribers

2.    BabySwap Airdrop

BabySwap is one of the leading automated money makers (AMMs) and NFT DEX for new and upcoming projects on the Binance Smart Chain. It offers a friendly trading experience and quality project support. The team is currently planning to launch an airdrop coming up on September 27, 2021. There will be 2000 possible winners to share the 25,000 BABY tokens available for the airdrop. 

To participate BabySwap airdrop, you can add BabySwap to your CoinMarketCap watchlist, follow the BabySwap Twitter account and retweet their pinned tweet. You will also tag 3 of your friends in the process and also follow the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on Twitter. Join the BSC telegram group and then fill in the airdrop form on CoinMarketCap.

3.    Wicrypt Airdrop

Wicrypt is a blockchain-powered platform that allows users to get paid while sharing their WiFi using Wicrypt routers or via their mobile phones. The platform will be launching its airdrop on September 28, 2021. There will be a total of 21,000 winners of the 210,000 WNT tokens. 

To be a part of the Wicrypt airdrop, you will have to follow Wicrypt on Twitter, join their telegram groups and Reddit group. You will also need to download and install the Wicrypt app and share the referral code to a minimum of two persons. Once that is done, you can go ahead to fill the form on CoinMarketCap. You can see more details about the Wicrypt airdrop here.

4.    AirCoin Airdrop

Another interesting upcoming airdrop is the AirCoin airdrop going live on October 1, 2021, and last for 15 days (October 15). The airdrop will have 600 billion AIR tokens (worth $20,000) available for 1000 winners. To be a part of the AirCoin airdrop, you will have to follow AirCoin on Twitter, join AirCoin’s telegram group, and fill the airdrop form and drop your BEP-20 wallet address. You can see more updates about the airdrop on its CoinMarketCap page. 

5.    Hot Cross Airdrop

The last but certainly not the least on our list of top 5 upcoming crypto airdrops is the Hot Cross airdrop coming up on September 30, 2021. It will last till October 7, 2021. The team has earmarked 300,000 HOTCROSS tokens to be distributed among 10,000 winners. To be eligible to participate, participants are required to follow the Hot Cross social media handles on both Twitter and Instagram, join its telegram community, subscribe to the Hot Cross blog, and join the Binance Smart Chain telegram chat group. For more details, see the official page of Hot Cross. 


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