Tokenplay – The NFTs & Gaming Blockchain Platform Official IDO on PolyDEX on Aug 7th, 05:00 UTC


Tokenplay is proud to announce our next hot IDO to be launched on Polydex, a platform that keeps growing and growing the selection of IDOs. Tokenplay, an NFTs and Gaming Platform built on Multi-Chain, promises to create an ecosystem with a variety of games. The actual date of Launching IDO is revealed on August 7, 2021.

Tokenplay is The 1st NFT & Gaming platform built on multi-chain, we develop on binance smart chain and polygon. Our vision is to make Tokenplay the biggest NFT & Gaming platform in the blockchain industry. With Tokenplay, users can access and play to earn so much game and free for trading any NFT gaming in the marketplace.

Besides, mining, staking, voting and NFTs are the premier functions of Tokenplay, promising to bring the best experiences of Tokenplay for users.

Tokenplay Utility

  • Farming: Users can use TOP tokens with the add-on farming feature. The amount of TOP gained from Farming depends on each TOP’s Farming stats.Marketplace NFTs
  • Play to Earn: There is a proportion of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By completing quests in the game, players could earn TOP tokens.
  • Gaming: Marketplace is a place where gamers can buy and sell items they acquire on Tokenplay
  • Payment: Tokenplay is the game currency that players use to purchase assets and land in the game
  • Gaming NFTs Platform: The platform integrates NFTs blockchain games for you to explore. Connect Metamask wallet and play any game you like.
  • Staking: Token holders could participate in staking and earn rewards as a certain percentage of platform revenues will be given out as staking rewards.
  • Governance: Owning Tokenplay enables a player to participate in the governance process through a decentralized organization, with proposals and voting structures.

Tokenplay project achievements

-Winner of “Red Bull-Conquer Your Dream” in 2018, this is a reality show about entrepreneurial ideas.

-The top 15 winning teams that won a prize of USD 25,000 in the Vietnam Ultra Marathon organized by Binance.

Polydex provides high-yield agriculture on Polygon through innovative gamified farming mechanisms and a wide range of investments. PolyDex allows users to exchange tokens on the Polygon network, provide liquidity through liquidity via farming & earn fees and recommendations.

We are delighted to announce that Tokenplay IDO will be launching on PolyLaunch — the PolyDex launchpad on August 7th 2021. We look forward to our valued community members being able to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity through PolyLaunch. 

More details can be found at

Media contacts

Name: Richard Tran

Company: Tokenplay




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