YTA Method Review: Masterclass to Make Money Through YouTube

YouTube Marketing Masterclass

Starting from scratch on YouTube is a challenge, to say the least. The online video sharing platform has a certain “algorithm” that you need to stay ahead of in order to ensure maximum views on your videos. Thankfully, with the help of the YTA Method, you can use that algorithm to your advantage and succeed.


The YTA Method is a part of YTA Masterclass, which happens to be a step by step program that guarantees successful income from YouTube. The YTA Method uses something called YouTube Automation, a technique which we will learn about later on.


That’s great and all, however, the biggest question on your mind right now would be why do you need this? How can something like this possibly benefit you compared to doing everything yourself? Well, let’s start by discussing why YouTube is relevant in the first place.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the largest online video streaming and sharing platform on the internet right now. It is home to over 2 billion active users and countless videos that they upload. Most of these users, who have a lot of subscribers and therefore get lots of views, can earn a substantial amount of money through ad revenue.

How substantial, you may ask? Well, let’s just say that every year, YouTube gives over $6 billion to its content creators as ad revenue. So basically if you’re a YouTuber who has a large number of subscribers and gets a decent amount of views on the videos you post, then you’re good to go.

But what if that’s not the case? What if you’re new and aspire to become big one day? Well, there’s a chance that if you work hard and post regularly, you’ll eventually make it big. However, there’s a far greater chance that even that wouldn’t work.

It may have been possible a couple of years ago but in this day and age, YouTube has just become too saturated with content creators and their videos. Your fate on this platform now only depends on the aforementioned “YouTube Algorithm”.

Thankfully, the YTA Method is here to change that for you. By using it, you can start your own successful YouTube career by beating the very “algorithm” that stopped you from doing so before. How does the YTA Method work? Let’s find out.


To discuss how the YTA Method works, we’ll first have to understand the primary technique that it uses. It’s called YouTube Automation and in order to know how it will be helpful to us, we’ll have to know how ad revenue on YouTube works in the first place.

The amount of revenue a YouTube video generates depends on the number of views it gets. On a popular channel, it gets a sudden burst of views at first but it doesn’t stop there. A video will keep getting views as long as it’s posted and people watch it. As long as a video keeps getting new views, it will generate revenue for the creator who posted it.

Here, you can use YouTube Automation to your advantage. As the name suggests, it can be used to automate your YouTube account to post videos that are bound to do good and result in consistent views for longer periods of time.

There’s another thing to note about. It’s that you won’t have to make any video yourself, it will be done for you as part of the package. Here’s how it will work.

Step 1: Identify a YouTube channel for inspiration

The first step involves finding a pre-existing YouTube channel that is doing good. Few items to note include that it shouldn’t have a personality attached to it (vlogs won’t work). It should be posting generic content.

Step 2: Analyze the channel for the Theme

Next, you need to carefully study what kind of video the chosen channel posts. There has to be a specific genre of every channel, which allows it to gain subscribers who are interested in that particular genre. That genre will be the genre of your new channel.

Step 3: Set up the Channel and start posting Videos

Set up your new YouTube channel. For the videos, the YTA Method allows you to hire a virtual team to outsource your videos from. The hired team will videos that are similar to the ones posted by the channel you studied in Step 1.


Step 4: Maintaining Consistency

Keep on doing what you do. Get the videos made by the team and post them on your channel regularly. In order to beat the “YouTube algorithm”, you need consistency so there’s no room to get lazy.

Step 5: Succeed and Repeat

Once your channel is established and you start earning stable income, it’s now time to expand (because sky’s the limit). Make a second YouTube channel following all these steps and double your income.

In case you’re doubtful whether the YTA Method will work or not, you’re in luck. This method has been tried and tested by multiple people including Caleb Maddix, Ryan O’Donnell, and Devon. These people have followed the very steps above and made it into the YouTube world. If they can, so can you.


Apart from what we talked about earlier, the YTA Method includes some limited time bonuses that can be availed if you purchase the program quick enough. All the items listed below would cost a lot more (Prices included in the parenthesis) if you were to buy them separately. However, with the YTA Method, you get them for free. They include:

Devon Will Train Your YTA Team For You  ($1,997)
Fund For Free ($1,997)
Tripling Through Translation ($997)
Monetizing Outside Of Monetization ($797)
YouTube Advertising Mastery ($997)
YTA Investing ($197)
YTA Channel Flipping Secrets ($497)
Celebrity Automation ($497)
How To Get Your Channel Monetized ($297)
Highest CPM and Most Profitable YTA Niches ($2,997)

Price & Verdict

In any normal circumstance, the YTA Method would cost you $18,058. There’s nothing to argue here, it’s just too expensive. To put into context how expensive this is, you can buy a Volkswagen Jetta for this amount of money, let alone a successful YouTube channel.

However, this isn’t any normal circumstance as, for a limited time, you get a discount. The price after discount is $997, which is over $17k worth of savings. This completely changes the worth of the YTA Method. A sub $1000 initial investment on a Youtube channel that’ll eventually get you over $100,000 is a reasonable deal.

Therefore, it is fair to conclude that the YTA Method costing you $997 and coming with the features it does, the additional bonuses and the promised future revenue is definitely worth the price. Every good business needs an initial investment and this just happens to be something most people can afford. Visit the Official Website of YTA Masterclass for more information and safe purchase!

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