ADA Ninjaz’s Season Two Launch: More Fun, More Utility

ADA Ninjaz

The increasing number of utilities of NFTs and the Covid-19 pandemic are one of the factors that led to the explosive growth of the sector in the last two years. In 2021, the sector skyrocketed to $41B in value, almost quadruple of 2020’s market valuation. It’s no surprise that NFTs became a sensation last year, given its importance in the entertainment world, fashion, and sports.

As utilities expanded, so have the number of NFT projects across various chains. The Cardano blockchain churned out several NFT and DeFi projects last year, and one of the most notable ones is ADA Ninjaz. This NFT project is a collection of 2D avatars generated randomly from 450 unique attributes. 

ADA Ninjaz was developed to create NFTs that could offer something different in terms of utility. Many non-crypto enthusiasts disagree with NFTs, especially with regards to other use cases apart from tokenizing digital arts, but ADA Ninjaz aims to alter the notion through its community-driven model. They also have some additional utilities such as voting rights, the music single and upcoming OST, airdrops of the manga panels as NFTs to their holders and an incredibly active community you can join on their Discord

Thanks to its many utilities and original approach, the rate of blockchain adoption by manga and anime lovers can potentially be accelerated, as they attract more and more people into the space.

ADA Ninjaz Utilities

The release of the second season of the NFT project will enable users to hold ADA Ninjaz NFTs again, which empowers them to do several things in the ecosystem. Those who missed the first season are given a second chance to own these powerful, special NFTs. The utilities are atypical of regular NFTs that only act as stores of value. 

Since ADA Ninjaz is a community-driven project, members have a say in its affairs. The community drives where the project goes through the governance voting. They get to decide on proposals, distribution, and contribute ideas that will steer the project in the right direction. 

Aside from that, NFT holders will have exclusive access to airdrops, earn, and create/sell their tokens. However, there are certain activities you can only be part of if you hold at least one of their NFTs.

ADA Ninjaz Concept

ADA Ninjaz is based on a compelling story about three Ninavian clans – the Aramar, Atsuko, and Daisuke. For years, the three clans lived in harmony until the thirst for power threatened to disrupt their living.

The Aramar clan is the most advanced clan in the Ninava jurisdiction. Named after Asahi Aramar, their founder, Aramar are known to maintain law and order in Asahi, the capital of Ninava. They are also known for their proficiency in science and technology, which puts them above other clans. 

Thanks to technology and science, they became a powerhouse globally, putting Ninava on the spotlight. However, the quest for ultimate power puts them in danger of becoming politically irrelevant and going into oblivion.

The Atsuko clan are regarded as an outlaw, according to the Ninavian government due to their evil practices and way of life. The Atsuko are known for hiding under the shadows, getting involved in black magic, and running clandestine operations. 

The next and final clan is The Daisuke. The tradition of the clan revolves around nature. They are nomadic groups with varying technological astuteness. They are also immune to the practices of the outside world and ensure that their society is preserved. The Daisuke are called “helpers and saviors of land.”

While the clan has no real internal structure, it abides by an old tradition that determines the next Prime Shaman. Certain religious groups have protested against the control and freedom of the Daisuke in the imaginary Ninava. 

When Will ADA Ninjaz Season Two Launch?

ADA Ninjaz season two (The Atsuko Clan) will launch on the 4th of February, 2022 at 8.00 PM UTC. 8,888 NFTs will be available for minting, same as in the first season. Before the launch, they will also publish a White Paper (The Ninjaz Scroll) with a detailed explanation of the project’s business plan, further utility and everything you need to know as a holder of their NFTs. It’s incredible that until now they have completely fulfilled the promises made in the roadmap we saw in October, 2021. 

Aramar Season One was a massive success, as it sold out in an hour. The highly-anticipated Atsuko Season Two is expected to repeat the story. The Atsuko NFTs are drawn by hand and come in an impressive manga art style different from the Aramar clan, with the goal of providing more fun and utility to their holders. Watch out for the Ninjaz around you!


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