Best Agencies to Build Crypto PR Strategy


As the $1.9 trillion crypto industry keeps getting bigger, with blockchain, the underlying technology on which these digital currencies are built, going mainstream, has become a vital aspect of the industry. With numerous projects springing up, it has become a tad bit difficult to stay abreast of all that's happening in the

Getting your project to the target audience has become even harder, thanks to the existence of over 12.000 different crypto projects, as updated by CoinMarketCap. To enable your blockchain-based project to reach the intended audience, intensive PR is required. Fortunately, several companies or have been designed to cater to all of your PR needs, thus, ensuring that you focus mainly on delivering the promises in your white paper. 

These agencies have in their books a ton of strategies that will help push your project to the right audience. Launching an NFT? A decentralized [DeFi] project? Or a coin offering? These agencies can help you out. Whilst there is a plethora, this piece will list the top 5 agencies you can work with right now for a successful project launch. 

Agencies to Build Crypto PR Strategy


Employing a data-driven approach to creating services and products for crypto projects, ICODA distinct itself from the crowd of other PR agencies by instituting a team with a firm belief that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world, positively. 

Per its official website, this PR agency was created specifically to help unlock the potential of crypto projects. Not surprisingly, since its launch, ICODA has promoted over 50 crypto projects, offering numerous services ranging from crypto PR to blockchain development, IEO on exchanges, DeFi promotions, YouTube influencing, website creation, et al. 

ICODA, as stated on the website, offers developers and crypto project CEOs access to over 300 resources, including but not limited to Forbes,, Bloomberg, CoinTelegraph, and a long list of others. 

2. MarketAcross 

A subsidiary of the parent company, InboundJunction Group, MarketAcross is a crypto PR firm that specializes in brand reputation, SEO content writing, social media promotions, and a host of other services. 

Since its inception, this PR agency has helped a ton of crypto projects not only attain a certain level of visibility but has attracted paying customers, as stated on the website. Some of these projects are Hubspot, Payoneer, Wix, and HotJar. 

With a proven track record, MarketAcross has worked with leading crypto names like Binance, the top crypto exchange based on trading volume, Huobi,, etc. 

3. Coinbound 

With years of experience in the crypto space, this PR agency has cemented its stance as one of the leading agencies in the industry. 

Offering a plethora of services like content writing, branding, visibility, social media promotions, among others, Coinbound has managed to maintain a healthy relationship with some of the biggest names in the trillion-dollar crypto industry — CoinMarketCap,, etc. 

4. Guerilla Buzz 

Committed to generating attention to nascent crypto, DeFi, and NFT platforms through social media marketing, publishers, and forums, Guerilla Buzz is a PR agency that has worked with various projects in the crypto world. 

Leveraging existing platforms and forums like Reddit, Quora, BitcoinTalk, and Telegram, this agency employs tested-and-proven strategies to ensure that projects reach their target audience. 

5. Blockchain PR 

Telling from the name, Blockchain PR is a crypto promotion agency with an emphasis on community management, content strategy, and PR services, for both blockchain and crypto platforms alike. 

A part of the SBA [Swedish Blockchain Association], this agency, since its establishment, has delivered quality services to a large number of crypto projects. 


The importance of PR in the crypto space cannot be overemphasized. With a remarkable increase in the number of crypto enthusiasts and investors annually, these PR agencies help to bridge the gap between developers and users, ensuring that visibility and paying investors are attracted.


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