Burency – The Exchange For Now and The Future


The Burency Exchange went live on the 10th of April, 2020 and so far it has been an amazing journey. For so many reasons, the exchange is considered not just as a cryptocurrency exchange for the present in Middle-east but also as one for the future globally.

The exchange was built with the interest of every cryptocurrency trader in mind – beginners and experts alike. It is an exchange that was built with features that are rarely seen in so many cryptocurrency exchanges, this was because it was not built with just the immediate benefits of traders in mind but built to continue to give them maximum satisfaction even in years to come.

can already compete with the best existing cryptocurrency exchanges with features such as easy conversion fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat, transparent and detailed reporting of every transaction performed, a live dashboard display of profit and losses made, 24/7 live chat and support, multilingual customer support service, training for beginners and multi-OS support.

As Mohammad Mazen, the CEO of said, “Security and liquidity features solutions implemented by the exchange will ensure that traders feel relaxed and fully satisfied for as long as they continue to use the platform, knowing that everything is in order as the platform was truly built to give them blissful trading experiences. As for now, we are not allowed to tell more, but we have signed several partnerships with industry leaders to maintain a high level of security and liquidity.”

According to Mouayad Yousef, COO at Burency “Since the exchange launch (Beta version) at the beginning of April, it is already 90 cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange and thousands of users have signed up to benefit from an unparalleled user experience so far. As announced, it is a BETA version because many functionalities are to be included in the future within the exchange but also within the ecosystem which is much larger than a simple cryptocurrency exchange.”

One of Burency’s other strong points is their team of 40 members & advisors.

To name just a few, there are of course the emblematic figures of Mohammad Mazen, Mouayad Yousef and Saif Al Anazi respectively CEO, COO and CIO as well as the famous anti- inventor, John Mcafee as a consultant.

We can also mention Qusai Al Sharef the CBDO, a renowned expert and consultant on the subjects of tokenization and ICO who has accompanied many successful projects. As well as Quentin Herbrecht, ’s CMO and CEO of the marketing & PR agency Markchain, which has recently been making a lot of noise in the media thanks to a growing number of clients, including several well-known millionaires and CEOs.

Finally the ICO is still in progress, even though they have already raised over $3,000,000, the team continues to raise funds until they’ll reach the soft cap of $7,000,000. This funding will be used to complete the exchange platform with brand new functionalities as well as the development of an eco-responsible mining farm and a research & development center.

There is no doubt that we’re going to keep hearing about in the coming month!

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