Can Fast & On-Demand Remote Consulting Services Take Over the Global Consulting Industry?


The online consulting industry is huge and there’s no doubt about it growing even further. There are thousands of reports out there in public, that talk about how the online consulting industry is growing and raking in billions of dollars every year. These reports name some of the biggest companies of “Anything” that’s related to consulting.

McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, and Ernst & Young are the who’s who of the consulting industry. They lead in almost all types of consulting. However, today’s clients of the consulting industry would rather prefer something that’s specially catered to their needs industry segment. A consulting service that’s available round the clock would be something that would be considered very valuable for the entrepreneurs in today’s age and time.

On-Demand Economy & The Consulting Industry 

The on-demand economy has gripped almost all major economies of today and it has given a new life to many new services. The likes of Uber, Food Panda, Ola, and many more have given a new dimension to the global economy. 

Today’s customers have been spoiled with options and fast delivery. However, the online consulting industry is immune to it so far. There are many on-demand consulting companies like Graphite, Judge, Viperty, and many out there. However, it hasn’t taken the industry by storm like other on-demand services have. 

What is a New Age Consulting Service? – Case Example 

There is just a handful of consulting companies that have created their service keeping in mind today’s consulting industry clients. Maven, Capital Markets, ExpertDB, and a few more. Let’s explore one of these companies to understand how they could potentially alter today’s online consulting industry for the greater good of today’s consulting clients. Our example will also include what a new-age consulting client should look for in the online consulting service. 

When asked about the key market areas of today, which industries come to your mind? Education, Law, Medicine, and Tourism hold a very important place in today’s global economy. They hold a major share of many of the leading economies of the world and employ millions of people around the world. A startup named as Capital Markets is currently offering remote support to their clients in four of the major areas: Education, Law, Medicine, and Tourism. 

Capital Markets – A 24×7 Appointment-Free Consulting Service 

Capital Markets, which was founded in 2019, aims to help clients save their time and money through their on-demand consulting services. It was founded by Duncan Middlehurst, David Ward, and Lewis Denne. Their clients would be able to get advice on their Education, Law, Medicine, and Tourism ventures from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. 

The global industry is far more connected than ever today and there shouldn’t be any timing constraints for accessing consulting services. A service by the online consulting company should be available 24×7 to match with their client’s needs as consulting is a truly global profession. Hence, the new-age consulting companies should be prepared to offer their services round the clock. 

Simplified Process With Real-Time Advice 

The process of getting expert advice from a consultant should be as simplified as possible. Here’s how Capital Markets does it:

A client visits the Antares Platform’s official website and joins the matrix table offered there. The client receives points at a ratio of 1:1 against the cost of their membership plan in the matrix. Capital Markets sends login credentials to the email address given by the client and the client needs to confirm their email address. Thereafter, the client selects the direction and topic on which they need consulting from the specialists at Capital Markets. Now, the client receives the consulting on the topic that he selected and the consultant answers all their questions and provides relevant recommendations. 

Here, all consultations offered by Capital Markets are real-time and available 24×7. They don’t require any appointment from the clients and the wait time is not more than 3 minutes. Remember that the aim is to look for a client-centric service when opting for the online consulting service provider.

What’s Their Mission?

The importance of information technology cannot be ignored. It has touched human life in so many ways and has improved the quality of average human life far beyond what was imaginable in the past. Capital Markets, too, aims to introduce information technology in areas that matter the most to human life today. It will help save money as well as time in the process. 


The consulting industry is truly global and thus, it requires a service that is available round the clock. We may very well see the On-Demand and 24×7 consulting companies dominate the global consulting scene, rather than the large companies that have become the face of everything “Consulting” today. It is also the need of the hour as the clients need more personalized consulting advice and they may need it at any time of the day. Companies like Capital Markets, Maven, and ExpertDB are at the forefront of this change. 



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