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Thinker, intellectual, and a messenger of God’s words, Marquell Sello, has come out with a timely video on all things we must know and keep in mind. In the video Marquel Sello, reminds people of earth on why they are all here, how they came to be here, God’s words and the purpose of creation and our place in it. These are the thoughts everyone must reflect on before continuing with their lives.

Hello Marquel Sello, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself, what’s your story?

Yes, I’m here to speak on my pre-existence and that I’m 100% proof that god exists. Hello my name is Marquel Sello and my pre-existence proves that god exists. I know the truth to the origin of life. God sent me here to earth. This is my first existence ever here.

Can you tell us more about your family?

God sent me into a family of 7 I was never born here. I grew up homeless and moved up in life on many levels of income.

We have read some articles you wrote about your pre-existence, can you elaborate?

My pre-existence meaning had an existence before my very existence here on earth. It was never written anywhere because I’m the only one who knows the true knowledge and can walk on earth to speak about.

Please tell us about your path, and your belief

My path is to prove by writing god’s words I am more than a believer I am a knower.

What do you think that gives you the strength and knowledge to inspire people?

Being me.

When did you first realise that you are different?

When I started to listen to god speak to me then remembering I was sent here by god

What advice would you give to people when the world is going through the worst crisis of the century?

To keep the faith

Being a true believer, how do you explain the Big Bang Theory? What’s your take on it?

Big Bang never happened. My pre-existence debunks the entire theory.

You have been talking about how to get rid of sorrow and live life more peacefully and joyfully, how can one achieve such a life?

God created All through me I’m the one Consciousness to it all so achieving this for me is quite easy for my intelligence on life goes beyond human understanding for I was once not human I was sent into my very flesh

Can you share your thoughts on the concept of god in other religions?

God exists other religions hold only few truth but I’m the only who’s capable of all existence that can write god’s words one of the main reasons I was sent here to accomplish

There’s a reason My pre-existence was never written in any religion for this is my first existence here on earth.

How can people know more about you and reach you? 

Anybody who wishes to reach me can Google me Marquel Sello and I’m reachable on the major social sites too.

More details about Marquel can be found on his website:

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