Centric Announces Launch with a New Dual Economic Model to Help Drive Blockchain Mass Adoption

Centric cash

Centric, a dual cryptocurrency payment network, has officially announced its in hopes of limiting industry volatility.

The company has developed a dual token ecosystem, the first being Centric Rise, which steadily increases in price hourly. This will help offer a reliable of value and an incentive to join the for users globally. The second token, Centric Cash, is pegged to the first token and will freely trade on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

The exchange between the two tokens is governed by a decentralized smart with immutable price blocks, set one year into the future. In this way, the protocol self-regulates token supply to meet ongoing changes in demand. From a user perspective, Centric is simply a and a reliable store of value.

Centric CEO Gabriella Davis explains, “We are very excited for the of what we believe is game-changing technology in the blockchain industry. With high volatility and low usability, the industry still suffers from adoption challenges. Centric will fix this by using a dual token ecosystem that is both user-friendly and economical from a monetary standpoint.”

Centric will make its official public Q1 2020 and will look to enhance the value of the through the addition of new products and partners that contribute directly to the transactional volume of the network’s currencies.

To learn more about the Centric project, visit www.joincentric.com

About Centric: Centric is a blockchain-based composed of two distinct tokens which promote stability, an incentive structure for early adopters, and store of value. The exchange between the two tokens is governed by a decentralized smart and a self-regulating protocol.

Media Contact: Email: media@centricfoundation.com


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