Chris Lester Sets New Industry Standards With His Food Delivery Startup

Chris Lester

Following 's return to his hometown of Shawnee, Oklahoma – he realized that the town was in dire need of a proper food delivery service. He got straight to work and within a couple of weeks he had founded his own food delivery service,

The 22 year old entrepreneur saw that were bored from the lack of options available in the town and were craving more. Lester's Shawnee Delivery provides a shuttle delivery service reaching further than previous services have before. The convenience of his website – where there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from – has led to exponential growth. Within a couple of months, orders on the website have rocketed to over 200 a day, up from around 100.

In order to deal with the influx of orders, Lester has added 8 additional dispatchers to aid in dispatching orders. They have also employed more drivers to handle the demand.

Chris' friendly and approachable personality has helped him in forming strong connections with a plethora of local restaurant chains to streamline the delivery process. He has equipped these chains with iPads in order to maximize their efficiency.

This extreme convenience means should be the first website you reach to if you need to cater for many people. This endeavor has been greatly beneficial for Lester, as he always has wanted to run a . He has already become a staple of the community – and has helped the people of Shawnee live a better, more convenient lives. And with an in the works, Chris is only furthering the convenience associated with the service

Lester's entrepreneurial mind is always working, and he is looking towards the future. He is to expand the venture to neighboring towns and branching out to grocery delivery as well. Shawnee Delivery has been salient for the people of Shawnee in recent times, as people try to socially distance due to the coronavirus. It has aided in decreasing social interaction and minimizing the spread of the disease.


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