CRM For Startups – How to Build Your Sales Funnel


Building your sales funnel starts from finding the right CRM software. As an entrepreneur with a startup, you might have a thousand and one questions to ask about whether you need CRM software or not at the stage of the startup. This uncertainty is bound to set in regardless.

CRM or relationship management software contains everything you need to take your to the next level. It shows you what to do, the big picture of your approach, and that you can capitalize on. It’s not just a methodology; it’s a tool that involves the aspects of building on customers’ relationships, marketing, PR, keeping track of all communications. 

CRMs let everyone stay on the same page and avoid complications with sales projections, clients appointments, details about meetings, etc. CRM is like a thermometer – it checks the health of sales channels and the overall status of the business. Summarily, it enables you to get the best out of your business, irrespective of the size, and manage customers for products.

Why Many Startups Don’t Utilize CRMs

Despite the widespread knowledge of what a CRM can do, some startups are afraid to leverage it. What could be the challenge here?

Some may think that it’s too soon to invest in a CRM, given the early stage of the startup. Others may see it as a waste of money at that particular point. It will cost a fortune for a startup with a large team to use a CRM, considering that the lowest price per user is around $15. 

Entrepreneurs may have a valid point, but utilizing a CRM can help you get ahead of other competitors. Nothing beats starting something as early as possible, especially as regards a business.

A lot of people wait longer, probably when they are out of options they can invest in a CRM. However, it might be too late. Don’t wait until you have more customers before you can focus on their experience. An early start can put your on the right path.

How to Build Your Sales Funnel

Building your sales funnel requires you to do the following;

Develop Strong Customer Relationships Early On

Startups have one advantage over a reputable business – the time invested in knowing more about customers. As a startup, you can have detailed conversations with your potential customers, get to learn about their pain points, and apply the lessons learnt in your business. 

When you have, let’s say, a thousand customers, it will be hard to identify these pain points and have customer-client conversations. A CRM, like Pipedrive, can help you to sort out and group these conversations in one place.

Prepare for Long-Term Growth and Scalability

A well-planned will definitely grow. As you grow, you also need to expand operations, including your sales team. The time spent analyzing customer records can be converted to making real sales. 

Sales teams can leverage CRM software to get access to data leads and prospective customers. With this, you can quickly learn about the sales process, what the customers want, and the difference the product can make. CRMs make these processes easier, without jeopardizing the ’s framework. 

Know Where to Focus On

The fact is startups have to deal with many things, and there might not be enough time for everything. At that moment, you can easily be distracted with tasks that do not need urgent attention as others. This might affect sales.

This is where CRMs come in. With Pipedrive, you can learn where to focus your time and energy for more impact. You can focus on tasks that demand more urgent attention and take action immediately.

Identity Loopholes Early On

Sometimes, you might think that you are doing the right thing, but the results say otherwise. You see yourself losing important deals and missing out on revenue targets. This might look worrisome, but with a CRM, you can easily identify where the problem is. 

A CRM will show you where you are losing deals, which activities bring the best conversion rate, etc. The differences in their patterns will help you restrategize to avoid losing more sales and clients.

Pipedrive: The Ideal CRM Solution For Your

Many CRMs lack certain tools to drive a forward. However, Pipedrive has it all. Pipedrive is an intuitive and cost-effective CRM created to improve sales through sales automation, communication tracking, email marketing, etc. It’s designed to streamline sales processes using visual pipelines.

Thanks to their cost-effective plans, small and large businesses can leverage the software to improve customers’ relationships, boost sales, organize, and manage data. Teams can choose between the Essential – the basic plan, Advanced, Professional, or Enterprise plan, which is the highest plan. Each plan differs in feature offerings, although all plans offer 24/7 customer support, visual dashboards, contact, lead, and deal management, apps integration, etc.


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