Dubai Crypto Thursdays See New Life Breathed into it, Thanks to TONBanking Founder Marat Minkin, Now Called Dubai Crypto Venture Capital

Dubai Crypto Venture Capital

After its last successful run, Dubai Crypto Thursdays has rebranded to Dubai Crypto Venture Capital (DCVC) which better reflects what the recurring events will be about. With a fresh look and more zeal, DCVC’s latest event saw a flurry of hosts and successes.

From Inspiration to Reality

Marat Minkin, the man behind the rebirth, saw that Dubai Crypto Ventures could use a boost, not only in its image but what it should be: about connecting different peoples, startups, and investors so a mutually beneficial atmosphere can be a reality.

The answer was to redefine what the event is all about. According to Marat, the formula worked perfectly,

“When you conduct updates, you always worry whether your audience is satisfied with the result. We did everything to make DCVC different from our previous Crypto Thursdays and any other crypto events. We focused on selectivity, added a bit of art, and broadened the audience” “In my opinion, the reboot was an absolute success.”

DCVC was a resounding achievement that saw more than 50 VCs taking part alongside 100+ investors and a slew of crypto executives.

Connecting and Socializing

DCVC was a high-profile event that had many prominent personalities from the crypto sector attending. The event was aimed to connect startups with the right investors with the mindset of a two-pronged approach towards promoting startups that had the potential to grow and at the same time, bring financial benefits to all.

This was under its Main Stage, where a dozen different startups had the chance to showcase their projects and what they would bring to the world. Out of the 12 different startups (from GameFi to DeFi to Web3) Swipe2Trade was selected as the winner by the panelists. Swipe2Trade will be using investments from VCs and individuals to bring its trading ecosystem to life.

After connectivity, the event had a socializing section called the C-Level, where the VCs, investors, and executives took part. The long list included Marat Minkin himself, CEO OKX Jay Hao, Marwan Alzarouni (CEO, Dubai Blockchain Center), Senior Vice President of Business Development for His Highness Sheikh Faisal Al Nuaimi Group Assem Mansour, and even Jeta CEO Andrey Trubetskoy.

The C-Level section was all about the participants sharing their views on the advantages blockchain and crypto bring to the world.

Tim Gareev, the strategic mascot of Jeta, led the last section, the Art Zone, featuring NFTs from various artists of Charity Kiss, a project that took inspiration from The Kiss, a painting by the famous artist Gustav Klimt.

The event later wound up with a stylish afterparty.

Marat Minkin’s Vision Comes to Life

Marat Mankin is a name that is known across the crypto sphere. He is a prominent crypto proponent and is the founder of TONBanking, a TON network platform that uses Telegram for crypto payment transfers. He is also on board other projects, such as IQ Options (CO-Founder of the derivative trading platform), is head of the TONCOIN Dubai community, and even works as an advisor to the waste recycling platform BantGo.

His vision of how the crypto community should reach out and help each other has come to fruition with DCVC. In the words of his companion and Co-Founder TONBanking Wasim Al Imam,

“DCVC joined together prospective startups and VCs who were looking for reliable investments. It was a purely high-level crypto event that involved even the non-crypto community with its art element. As a result, the startups got a professional point of view and budgets, and VCs found the investment options. Well, everyone profited”

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