Saturday, March 27, 2021

Creative Director of Artechouse Juan Munoz Brings Top Short Story Film Aqueous for the Latest Exhibition in 2021

Juan Munoz’s dynamic and field-honed skills in media production and social media marketing have made him a star of the field and worldwide. How...

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    Ethereum Records Insane Transaction Fee Of Over 2.5 Million Dollars, Not Once, But Twice!

    The first transaction was to transfer 0.55 Ether (about $130 at the time of transaction) which ended up paying over 2.5 million dollars in transaction fee.

    Etherscan link to see the public transaction details:

    The second transaction that recorded the exact same transaction fee of 10,668.73185 Ether happened when sending 350 Ether (which is approximately $83000)

    Ethereum Transaction Fee Error

    Etherscan link to see the public transaction details:

    How could the same insane transaction fee happen two times?

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