Friday, June 11, 2021

Moon Maker Protocol becomes the first DeFi platform in Southeast Asia to list token from a publicly listed company

Following a partnership between a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Moon Maker Protocol and MVP coin, the Moon Maker Protocol has become the first DeFi...

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    Becomes the Official Team Partner to Alpha Tauri for the Formula One™ 2021 Season

    has now become an Official Team Partner to Scuderia , or simply Alpha Tauri, for the Formula One™ 2021 season. This was announced ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix classic occurring next week.

    Sydney, Australia: Fantom is the world’s first smart contract platform, and it has been providing the space with fast transactions and low costs. Fantom has experienced exponential growth over the past few months, having recently upgraded their software to Go-Opera, the fastest and most reliable version of Fantom yet. This has improved their TTF (time-to-finality) to about a second, yet again solidifying Fantom’s status as the fastest blockchain network to deploy on. They have also improved event emission efficiency, increasing network resiliency even during less-than-ideal conditions.

    Fantom’s goals of efficiency and cutting-edge technological innovations fall perfectly in-line with the ideals that Formula One™ brings into the world, boasting brand new innovation each season and challenging the boundaries of what is currently available in the racing space. This mutually beneficial partnership will take form through a Fantom logo being visible on top of the halo of the AT02 Formula One™ car at both the Monaco and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Pierre Gasly, a team racing driver, has been a brand ambassador for Fantom since early April and has shown vocal support for the blockchain through his tweets. He will continue his role as a Brand Ambassador for the platform through displaying the Fantom logo upon his cap for the duration of the Formula One™ season.

    , the current Managing Director for who is both a big believer and investor in Fantom and led the efforts for the sponsorship, believes in the growth promise this partnership could hold for the future expansion of Fantom due to the increased exposure.  “We’re extremely excited about this sponsorship. I was an early investor in and Ethereum, and I haven’t been this bullish about a blockchain technology project as I am with Fantom. Additionally, unlike other blockchains that use POW (Proof of Work) for mining transactions which is not eco-friendly, Fantom uses PoS ( Proof-of-Stake) for transaction processing which is a green and eco-friendly strategy.”

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