FantomStarter’s DeFi Launchpad Makes it Easy to Invest in New Projects on Fantom


The rising popularity of DeFi has led to a massive influx of new developers launching questionable projects and investors seeking a trustworthy platform to find investment opportunities.

FantomStarter aims to provide security and confidence to investors with the first launchpad on Fantom that thoroughly vets prospective DeFi projects and protocols.

What is FantomStarter?

The Fantom Opera blockchain is a lightning fast secure smart contract platform and has quickly gained traction due to its ability to scale in user reach. It provides a secure and fast environment to build decentralized applications.

FantomStarter is a protocol that empowers investors to take part in groundbreaking blockchain projects. It allows investors to learn about projects and products, view their business plans and gain insight into the background of the companies and teams behind them.

The launchpad project aims to protect investors by carefully vetting projects and products before they are released into the FantomStarter ecosystem. They are providing professional advice to help investors navigate the volatile cryptocurrency space.

Why should investors use it?

Adoption of blockchain technology by corporations and governments is in its early stages. Industries like manufacturing, healthcare and education have benefitted from the increased security and transparency that blockchain transactions provide.

An increasing number of industries are exposed to the benefits of blockchain ledgers every day and FantomStarter is positioned to capture a significant portion of the market.

The FantomStarter team has created a thoughtfully executed risk rating score to protect investors against scams and vaporware projects. Their next generation decentralized investment protocol provides an intuitive user experience that makes it easy to judge risk and take action.

A tiered investment model has been created that offers options ranging from a lottery that will place you in the investment pool to being guaranteed an allocation in vetted projects. There are (7) tiers for investors to choose from.

Tiers 1-3 grant investors allocation rights in the form of a lottery. These tiers come with investor requirements like marketing of the projects on platforms like Twitter and other blockchain-centric networks. The lottery odds range from 10% to 50%.

Tiers 4-7 guarantees investors allocation and governance rights.

Beyond the tiered system are the Top LP and Ministry wallets. These tiers are intended for mature venture capitalists that are involved with tech incubators and are partnered with other companies in the space.

Why should Projects apply?

FantomStarter is a launchpad designed to support and grow blockchain projects in the Fantom Opera network.  They are following in the footsteps of early blockchain launchpads like DAOMaker and Polkastarter that provide strategic investments and structure for blockchain projects and products.

Unlike previous launchpads FantomStarter allows blockchain projects to integrate projects on most major blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain as well as Fantom.

Developers will submit their project’s business plans before entering a vetting process.

When accepted by the FantomStarter team the project will be eligible to access FS incubator in the way of financing, marketing, developer advisory, auditing and strategic planning. The launchpad has committed to providing as many resources as necessary to guarantee the chance of success.

When does this opportunity become available?

FantomStarter has pledged to open the launchpad to the public by the end of Q3 (September 2021). Accredited investors and venture capitalist firms are invited to register now, however, acceptance is not guaranteed.

The first public Testnet version of the alpha application was released this week and allows anyone to preview the features that FantomStarter will offer. FantomStarter’s alpha version requires use of Fantom testnet during the testing phase.

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