Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Healthcare Workers the New Catalyst to Change

People have shown a lot of concern for their health in the time of pandemic. A lot of attention has been paid to health...
    Mervik Haums is an Author, Entrepreneur, and the Founder of Startup Fortune. He founded Startup Fortune in 2018 with an intention to build a global branding and support platform for startups and entrepreneurs from around the world that also serves as a community for them to learn about branding their ventures. He also writes on TNW, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business.com and other major media platforms about technology, business strategies and startups.

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    Air Cargo Becomes the New Booming Sector, Strengthening Economies and E-commerce

    The air cargo logistics plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. Global economy by and large depends on the ability to...

    Advantages of Running a Completely Remote Digital Business

    Where flexibility at work can be a biggest asset for any employee, why wouldn’t there be immense attraction? Companies providing flexibility in the form of...

    How Google is ‘Trying’ to Collect the Mobile Numbers and Web Activity of a Billion Indians

    The Google Paradigm:  with their new ‘’ people cards feature, Google is collecting the mobile numbers and online activity of a billion Indians. It is not optional, you MUST verify your phone number and enable your web and app activities sharing while getting that feature.

    How to Make Your First Sale Online [Case Study Infographic]

    An is by far the best way to demonstrate any idea or marketing plan. As it is a visual representation of information, data and knowledge, the viewer get a very clear idea about whatever the graphic is built for.

    Strategies to Boost Business Online for Startups Navigating COVID-19

    Because consumers distance themselves from social media and work from home, they spend more time online than ever before. Our recommendation is to focus on what you can do with your online store and digital marketing to make up for the reduction in pedestrian traffic.

    How to Market Your eCommerce Startup: Marketing Tips and Tricks to Rank Your Online Stores

    Wondering how to approach to promote your digital stores? Here are three simple marketing strategies you can apply to your online stores and websites to improve traffic, and customers.

    Supreme Court Of India Lifts Cryptocurrency Ban, Quashes RBI’s Complete Ban And Allows Trading

    Big day for enthusiasts and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs in India. In a massive verdict, The Supreme Court of India has lifted the 'crypto currency or other digital assets ban' imposed by Reserve Bank Of India in 2018.

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