IBM Applies For Patent For Browser Based On Blockchain Technology

Blockchain vs Traditional Finance System

seems to be working on a web based on a . At least, the company behind the first computer filed a application for that.

IBM is also working on its own token for this browser. The brave browser has a basic alert token, with which browser users can be rewarded. The same token can also include the IBM token. The tokens can be used to authenticate on the .

The IBM patent, filed on August 6 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, is for a web browser with a point-to-point network. The browser collects information from web browsing sessions. The information is then transferred to a peer-to-peer network of nodes for collection and storage. The collection of information depends on the type of browsing experience chosen.

A blockchain-based browser is ideal for storing about its use, for example, bookmarks, add-ons and its location. The planned system must guarantee the confidentiality of the users, but it is stored in a Blockchain (to develop?).

If, for any reason, you lose your browser data and wish to return to your old trusted browser, in theory you can access the data stored in IBM.

How it will work in practice is not clear in the patent application. A case of blockchain in practice. But, of , it remains to be seen how they will achieve it.


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