5 No Fail Tips for Curating a Loyal Tribe on Social Media by Kristian B

Kristian B

is a visibility strategist and infopreneur with years of experience helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their business using social media platforms. Here's Kristian's five no-fail to curate a loyal following.

To be honest, social media is an extremely valuable tool to grow a loyal tribe for businesses. Having a large community certainly has its advantages, i.e… increased product sales and more website traffic. Sounds like a dream come true, right? However, building an engaged community is not something that happens overnight. And with all the noise on social platforms it has many wondering how it's possible to even stand out or be seen at all?

Below are 5 No Fail Tips for Curating a Loyal Tribe on Social Media:

1. Identify Target Audience

The first step in building a loyal tribe is to zero-in on one's target market or avatar. It's important to be very specific because it's impossible to successfully market to everyone. Once the target audience is clearly defined, the easier it will be to market and reach them. Understanding the audience's pain points and what is valuable to them, will help with earning their trust. Developing trust in the earlier stages is critical.

2. Provide Value

The more value provided to an audience, the more they will appreciate it and interact in return. Once value is provided on a consistent basis, the easier it will be to earn more sign-ups and sales. To provide value: Offer problem solving tutorials and educational content. Be sure to provide top-notch advice on topics of interest to ensure more followers, credibility, and growth. Going live on and are highly effective in building the “know, like, trust, factor.”

3. Consistency

Overall consistency is one of the biggest determining factors to successfully growing a tribe on social media. Consistency not only involves creating a schedule for posting content, but making sure there is an established  theme and brand identity to avoid confusing customers. Have a plan in place to remain consistent and relevant.

4. Speak to them

There is a right way to connect with an audience on social media. Don't attempt to sell products or webinars immediately. Trying to pitch products too early will often result in failure. Instead do this: leave thoughtful replies to comments. Be authentic. Ask engaging questions on posts to build up engagement. Show up daily and share helpful information, and the customers will come.

5. Tell your story

Incorporating funny moments or lessons learned are unique ways to build that connection and tell an engaging story. Another way to tell a great story is by allowing customers to participate by reposting testimonials and photos of them using products. This will encourage more audience members to do the same.

Growing a loyal tribe comes with challenges, but the reward is worth it.

More about Kristian B can be found at: https://www.kristianb.co


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