Startup Minikin Labs Launches CryoPad, The World’s Most Powerful Home-use Fat Reduction System

Startup Minikin Labs Launches CryoPad

Most people have at one point in their lives tried to get a six pack or at least tried to lose a bit of belly to look better in a bikini for summer. Cross-fit, Gym, HIIT, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, you name it – there are just so many different ways experts recommend for losing weight yet most people are unable to get their dream body.

People usually fail because of a lack of energy and time, they stop going to the gym or they start bingeing on snacks after weeks of just eating chicken breast and salads. And who can blame them? Most people who work full time jobs simply do not have the time to actually hit the gym 5 times a week and eat clean all 20 meals a week (minus one cheat meal!).

But what if there was a better way than just exercise and diet? Surely 21st century modern day science can offer some help. Actually, there are a lot of scientifically proven ways to lose fat which can be categorised as surgical and non-surgical.

Nonsurgical fat reduction techniques typically have little to no risk compared to surgical procedures and can be performed during a regular Monday morning lunch break at your local beauty clinic before going back to work. These include cryolipolysis, injection lipolysis, radio frequency lipolysis, laser lipolysis and others.

The only issue? They cost an absolute fortune. Cryolipolysis for example, a way of freezing stubborn fat cells away can cost up to $4000 for one single session, and multiple sessions are needed for noticeable results.

This is where Minikin Labs comes in with CryoPad, they have managed to create a home-use fat reduction system that uses Cryolipolysis. This technology is nothing new but the real innovation is that Minikin Labs have managed to shrink this super expensive technology which has been reserved for the ultra-rich and the celebrities among us into this home-use product that pretty much anyone can afford.

The claim is that you just have to wear this for 15 minutes a day for a dream body in mere weeks, this sounds like magic except it actually works.

If you are someone who simply can’t find enough time or energy to workout and diet consistently while working a full time job, then CryoPad is perfect for you. And at just $149, which is a fraction of the usual cost of this calibre of technology, you really have no excuse not to give it a go, your body will thank you.

To learn more about the CryoPad, check out the company’s launch page on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

The Minikin Labs CryoPad is now available on the company website at over 40% off their retail prices. 

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