Romanian Startup SlotManiak To Develop New Games On The Blockchain As Dapps

In his recent interview with Startup Fortune, Mr. Cosmin Petrescu, CEO of the romanian gaming startup announces his plan to develop his latest games on the blockchain platform.

Romania // August 19// Startup Fortune // Gaming industry is arguably one of the very few sectors that has always been on its toes in terms of growth and development. Because it is basically customer centric, game developers have got no choice than to keep the chain rolling on getting better everyday otherwise they risk losing their “hungry, ever addicted” customers to another competitor that is just doing it a little bit better. The evolution of the entertainment sector is therefore always on going. Popular games which were initially designed for conventional platforms are now being developed to adapt to the blockchain world.

Popular games, starburst and gonzo’s quest is definitely in for the ride too. Recently, it was announced that the amazing Starburst and Gonzo’s quest game will be built on a blockchain framework to serve gamers better. The two games which are one of the most popular slot games played both online and in casinos are interesting and adventurous giving gamers a true experience of being in action and truly in quest.

While starburst has an arcade feel which makes it enticing to the players coupled with sounds that balance well with the simple yet multiple themed design. The games doesn’t have much of a background history and as such wastes no time before settling gamers down for the real deal. The game is fast-paced with just 5 reels and 10 play lines. Gonzo’ quest has a rich history of about a 16th century city, Eldorado which holds treasures such as gold but overtime the paths to the place has been scraped.

Both games which were initially developed by NetEnt have enjoyed serous playtime with gamers. The upgrade slotmaniac is now doing on the blockchain framework will no doubt bring gamers’ joy to another level. Since the blockchain is characterized by decentralization, transparency and top notch security, this will give gamers especially casino players, both online and offline a trustful environment to play fairly and enjoy themselves knowing that the outcomes of the game cannot be influenced in anyway. Also, recreating both games on the ethereum Dapps platform will reinforce their independence. The “gems” collected in the game becomes easily trade-able on the blockchain network, and even converted to fiat currencies giving gamers even more reasons to play.

CEO of the startup Mr. Cosmin Petrescu has expressed optimism about the progress of the project, and is sure about the great facelift blockchain technology will give to the games as a DApp. “The rich South America culture sets the tune of the game both in visuals and sound in gonzo’s quest’ we want to give the blockchain users that experience with our development. Their focus seems to be on switching the narrative of the gaming industry to an even better level while promoting the adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry.

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Estonian Taxi Service’s New App Promises Better Price And Reliability

Compared to existing applications, the new application offers the customer an official taxi with a roof and a fixed rate. “While current market drivers include bottlenecks, queues and the like in the fare, Taxilink always gives the customer a price or reliability,” said Tõnu Uusmaa, a member of the Board of Directors of Tallink Taxi. Uusmaa said that all drivers ordered through the application are checked by background, have all the skills, permits and certificates required by law, and that the car itself is new and technically fit, meets European standards and is insured Like a taxi in traffic.

After downloading the application and accepting the terms of use, the customer can associate his credit card with it, so that all subsequent actions related to the payment will be completed automatically. Before you begin, you can get an idea of ​​the approximate cost and the time it takes to get to the taxi.

The price is calculated using a certified taximeter and is calculated at a rate per kilometer or per time, not at one time. WE RECOMMEND READING TECHNIQUE Do not buy a flagship phone! HEUREKA 94 Clean energy by 2025: significant milestone in the construction of the most complex machine in the world CAR Passat looks to the future The application lacks an algorithm of supply and demand coefficient, so all tariffs Reserved taxi rates are always calculated at the same price – No matter the time of day and time.

The nearest vehicle is always sent to the customer and the customer can control the movement of the vehicle in real time. The taxi has the right to move along the bus lanes and this guarantees the rapid movement of the taxi in case of congestion. The user can also book a taxi long before a meeting or an important event. So far, Tallink Takso and 24 taxis have used the taxofoni application, now it is being discarded and a new application is being introduced.

Tallink Takso carries more than 200 cars under the Tallink Takso, Tallink Taksobuss and Takso24 trademarks. The owners of AS Tallink Takso are AS Infortar and the AS Tallink Grupp shipping company.

Forget Selfies: New Platform Helps Travelers Hire Reliable Local Photographers

Photographs are the best way to keep memories of a trip. But there is always someone who does not appear in the pictures, unless it is done by a person outside the group. For this reason and because the need to photograph every moment and immortalize each step prevents us from enjoying the moment, a platform where travelers hire local photographers to be able to enjoy the trip better and make sure that there is never a missing person in the photographs taken. I realized that there is always someone missing in the photos, we are never all, says Belén Huerta, one of the founders of the platform that allows the traveler to live the destination without looking at it through a screen.

“How could it be otherwise, the idea came traveling,” says Huerta, who launched the project after traveling through the United States and translate the idea into its TFG. Since January it has been active platform but, in reality, it is in March when they began to invoice and capture the memories that people most appreciate about travel. Despite its short journey, this idea, which was born from two Valencians in the world of communication, already has more than 270 clients on the web and 58,050 photos sent to its customers.

The photographers also serve as a guide when recommending places to visit or where to eat since they are people from the area. “The advantage is that the photographer knows corners of the city that travel guides do not show, so it is a plus that we add to the travel experience,” says Huerta after ensuring that the client sees who is hiring since the Photographers have a profile with all their information on the platform.

Currently, they have more than 300 registered photographers scattered around Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, Córdoba, Alicante and Malaga but also in international destinations such as Paris, Rome, Porto or Amsterdam. These, before being part of the Saytrip team, must be registered on the web and contribute previously made work so that the platform can evaluate them and thus begin to form part of the company. In addition, the platform opens service in some city when it has between six and seven photographers on that site. Also, if the place you want to visit the platform does not have professionals, from Saytrip they give the option of people bring their photographers.

The company does not have a closed price but the photographers, being self-employed, are those who establish the hours they want to work and the prices of their service. Thus, the price range ranges from 18 euros per hour to photographers who are charging 185 euros per hour . This variation is due, according to the founder, that not all photographers “are professionals.” But this, in the opinion of the founder, does not affect since it is the client who chooses the photographer he wants. The client knows at all times who is hiring since the profile comes out if he is a professional photographer.

This work is “an extra for the photographer” as it can combine this occupation with any other by establishing each one’s work rhythm. In addition, this form, in Huerta’s opinion, “serves the photographer to meet more people around the world by working, as has already happened, with clients from Indonesia or Australia.”

Once the photographer has taken the photographs, he has to send them to the platform to pass the quality process and, within a maximum period of three days, the client receives the original and edited photographs. In addition, according to Huerta, what they do sometimes is to send some of the images by WhatsApp to the client at the same time so that they can have some instantly.

Promote Social Inclusion, Stresses Women Startup Summit India Participants

India offers an ecosystem that provides far stronger participation from women entrepreneurs, removing barriers that prevent them from starting commercial projects, said organizers of the Women’s Startup Summit, which took place in Kochi, the initial center of the Indian state of Kerala. .

It was also shown that most women who were educated in high-level skills, such as Kerala, had not yet realized their potential in business ventures. “Proposals and issues raised at such meetings will have an impact on the council’s decision,” she added in the inaugural address that day, which was held in collaboration with the Native Women’s Network in the Confederation Industry.

It is a mistake to maintain the general belief that new companies are systematically linked to new and innovative products. “There are products based on needs and others based on possibilities. Women must use their great potential,” he said.

The meeting was an opportunity for women to restore business opportunities that are often missed due to system failures. Because women have proven their superiority in higher education, KSUM must promote their professional profile by facilitating opportunities.

The meeting took place in the context of 13% women’s participation in the ecological ecosystem of Kerala and a proactive approach by the state government to increase women’s participation in this sector.