Technology to Tell Us We Are Safe

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The pandemic time has taught us one thing that feeling safer is much better than being faster, better, newer and different. The same applies to every genre of life we are living. We all have faced the consequences of COVID-19 in some way or the other. Last one year has also made us realise how important it is to pay attention to our health, immunity, hygiene, and safety. We all have come across at least one or more cases in which got covid positive but still came out of it sound and safe. People paid attention in things-how, where, and when. People are being more mindful about things around them and not just taking things for granted.

The same sort of attention is being paid to the technology that we are surrounding ourselves with. The technology is also developing itself in a way that it caters to need of the post pandemic world. This year's technology and innovation will focus on products and services that make us feel safer.

Most of us never heard about the pulse oximeter until last March. But during lockdown everyone wanted one so they could easily monitor their blood oxygen levels at home. Amongst the havoc that is being created during this period, technology understood our needs and hence started to develop itself to help us keep a track of our health. Apple's latest Watch is one such example. It advertises the fact that it can detect blood oxygen levels. North Indian states which have air quality from poor to hazardous always have a renewed interest in air purifiers of all kinds. Latest car models from Hyundai and Kia Motors have started providing a good quality air purifier in the cars as a must have gadget.

Just like our car tells us about not wearing a car seat belt or about over speeding with a constant beep sound, we would want our smart phone telling us about wearing a mask or other protective measures and whether we are maintaining social distance or not. But voice activated smartphones are being developed that let first responders communicate without removing their personal protective equipment.

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