TES Brings Low-Risk Investment Opportunities with Traded Endowment and Life Policies


For the savvy investor, making a decent return on an investment is not only a heady task, but it’s also one best left up to the experts. When it comes to achieving the returns that most people want and having the ability to live the life they desire, the general public needs to get the help of the experts. That is why TES Capital (TES) is excited to offer its clients a low-risk investment opportunity with traded endowment and life policies.

Being a leader in traded endowment and life policies, TES supports investors with a low-risk opportunity for immediate portfolio diversification that is an alternative to stocks, bonds, and fixed deposits.  Gaining increasing popularity every year in Singapore, traded endowments (also known as resale endowments) are some of the safest financial instruments around. During its selection process, TES makes sure that the traded endowment purchased are of the highest quality and free of any and all encumbrances.

One of the primary reasons that a traded endowment is sought after by investors is that they are often purchased to preserve wealth and are much more effective than buying a brand new insurance policy.  These investments are underpinned by premier insurance companies that are governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Best of all, TES makes it extremely easy for everyone to participate in the burgeoning market.  With a comprehensive listing, there is always a suitable plan catered to the budget and time horizon of the investor.

TES not only cares but Shawn is sure to put a personal touch on each and every client that conducts business with him.  Always on the frontlines of customer service for TES, Shawn’s combined positive demeanor and market expertise gives clients the confidence that their money is in good hands.  Given its current growth trajectory, TES is well geared to be the largest provider of traded endowment in Singapore.

As the founder himself explains, “In my many years of entrepreneurship, I’ve personally experienced desperate financial situations where I needed cash urgently, as well as multiple occasions when I felt very lost searching for low-risk investment opportunities to save for my children’s education and my retirement. I started TES to help those facing these challenges because I believe that in situations like these, encountering an openly honest, genuinely friendly and sincerely helpful person can bring hope and transform someone’s life.”

Professionals have given TES their vote of confidence, and their clients include bankers, teachers, medical doctors, accountants, university professors, and even insurance financial consultants.  TES is excited to offer investors the opportunity to join them now in their growth course. The projected popularity of traded endowments is set to deliver real gains to the thousands who are able to utilize their benefits and TES, using its skills and vast resources, will surely lead the way towards that brighter tomorrow.

More details about TES can be found at: https://tesinvest.com.sg


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