Thomas Alvec Transforms Digital Currency Infrastructure With His Venture Vexa Global

Thomas Alvec

Driven by a passion to build innovations that apply intelligent technologies that ease complex solutions, Thomas Alvec has been known for assisting with co-creation of government projects for different countries implementing blockchain technology and helping the global adoption of digital currencies.

While the waves of industrial revolution hits the new generation, among the emerging technologies, innovations based on blockchain technology is expected to be single-handedly disrupting the industry. Thomas Alvec, who's known for his contributions and his expertise as an external consultant since 2014 recently announced to introduce a new and unique infrastructure to support digital currencies and empower entrepreneurs from around the world who has been working on the tech to build innovative solutions. Has also has been helping create several major startups, in which some reached in the 100 industry list.

, the created by Thomas Alvec aims to enable the blockchain ecosystem to facilitate faster integration of the and will introduce a range of prospects for business entities, commercial organizations and individuals to help them accelerate development and marketing. “We are working on several projects, assisting them to launch new platforms and products; the services described on our website is just a preview of what is going to come in the near future. Our primary focus at the moment is to produce an ATM network around the world in collaboration with our partners to boost the adoption of the technology.” the young CEO shares his vision. The company intends to build a next generation platform for the of cryptocurrencies as well.

“Our developers are building enterprise solutions powered by AI on the blockchain technology and we will be introducing our own digital wallet and token to ease what we do. It is also vital for us to educate our partners about blockchain technology, so we will be organising seminars across the globe pushing the reach of our innovations further and further contributing to the worldwide adoption of web 3.0 projects and utilities.” concludes the CEO. The 31 year old founder has also introduced one of the very first ATMs in the United States to allow to buy and sell Bitcoin, three years ago.

About Vexa Global

Vexa Global is a Tallinn based IT enterprise founded in the year of 2019. Thomas Alvec created the company by assigning a team of specialists in information technology, internet of things and experienced developers. Vexa Global currently employs dozens of , marketing specialists and experienced traders; the team also has people who work remotely. The initiative intends to provide the entrepreneurs and businesses who are engaging in the industry to build smarter innovations as it can be challenging to understand what the actual benefits of blockchain solutions without having an experienced company to work with. The team doesn't want Vexa Global to be recognised as a platform that provides specialist solutions, but as a firm that's being operated by technology enthusiasts in the industry who love their work and has a passion to help people adapt to the technology and make them reach the next level.

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Name: Thomas Alvec
Company: Global partner LLC


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