Virtual reality would make your life easier


We are pretty sure that the future is closer than you think. You can not just watch educational videos and lectures but visit them in virtual reality using your avatar on UMetaWorld. You can also make purchases and own them as a digital asset. Isn’t that amazing? So today, in this article, we will figure out the way VR can simplify our lives.

What is UmetaWorld?

UmetaWorld is a social and virtual replica of the real world based on innovative VR technology. City by city, the project enlarges its new ecosystem, an entire landscape where reality becomes virtual. As our physical and virtual worlds meet, endless potential appears.

Advantages of the project

  • Glamorous towns.
  • A new way to socialize, meet your nearest and dearest, and enjoy real-life activities with them.
  • A new digital world that provides a seamless and secure shopping experience when you order online.
  • A BETA version of an app is accessible, and it will be rolled out on Google Play and App Store soon.

UMW token

One more thing is that UmetaWorld has a utility token called UMW that will be fueling the whole ecosystem of the project. Utilizing this asset makes it possible to access UMetaWorld, a huge market of unique NFTs accessible within the metaverse.

It is crucial to note that the token was launched without any pre-minted coins. So, a new UMW will be created according to the demand for it.  

  • You can buy amazing and unique NFT on the internal platform thanks to the UMW token. You can also create an NFT yourself and sell it for tokens.
  • Also, this token allows you to explore the amazing world of the metaverse, visit various places, and much more.
  • The UMW token is the main link that connects the entire ecosystem of the metaverse and allows you to experience new amazing experiences.

How does it work?

Today, the metaverse offers many more possibilities in terms of technology. The basic idea of UmetaWorld is to create a new model of social interaction, where instead of reading text messages like on Facebook, a personal voice and facial expressions has a great impact while chatting. It operates similarly to communication in the real world. Each participant will be able to join events and presentations for fun and work. Finally, the ability to improve the online shopping experience by being able to walk into a store (perhaps with an avatar friend) and choose products to buy that the avatar uses immediately while the courier delivers them to the home in the real world.

For example, not so long ago, the project hosted an event inside the metaverse, in the Place du Casino in Monte Carlo. More than 1500 participants took part in it.

How can you join the metaverse? 

The project has already prepared a great Beta version of an app. It will soon appear on marketplaces. And you will be able to download it freely to any gadgets and carry out your journey through the metaverse. 

Also, right now, you can join the community and participate in conferences right in the metaverse itself.

Project and its basics

  • Make the world a better place

UMetaWorld was built as a fun and immersive way to introduce the world to the untapped joys of the metaverse. Its plan is to make the world a better place by allowing all communities access to the services that they couldn’t access in the real world. Additionally, they have set up a foundation to donate part of generated fees to saving the ocean and planting trees.

  • Discover virtual experience

If you can experience it in the real world, then you can also do it in UMetaWorld. Its vision is to redefine how people transition between the real and virtual worlds. Where work and play are one, and the potential to explore is endless, no matter where you are in the world. Host and attend live concerts, a study in educational lectures, or travel to places which you have never visited. You can do it all.

  • Exchange digital assets

Buy and sell your digital assets. Meta World is the bridge between the two worlds – physical and virtual. Metaworld users will be able to buy digital clothes art and monetize their assets in a digital way. In addition, UMetaWorld has fast and affordable transactions for users.

  • Interact with others

The digital world incorporates tons of real-life activities that ensure users do not only have the best virtual experience ever but that their most familiar needs are also met. Inside of UMetaWorld, you are able to speak to other users and experience true feelings.

  • Access virtual Banking

UMetaWorld users will be able to perform digital banking activities inside metaverse. Shop in the virtual world, pay your bills directly through a proprietary banking solution. All your assets are at your fingertips.

Its advantages

Virtual reality is the future and new step for society. Everything you dreamed of was collected in one place. Education, shopping, travel, work, communication, and virtual assets make this metaverse an amazing place for self-development and entertainment. You can go to the app and create your own avatar that will reflect your interests and preferences in VR. So, don’t miss the opportunity and become a part of the future right now.


Now we can finally say that virtual reality makes life much easier, more interesting, and more intense. It will help you experience a new social experience of communicating with new people and help you always stay close to your family and loved ones. Of course, do not forget that now any child and student can study for fun and interact with people while at home, which is very useful. You should at least test the UMetaWorld project and go into the future today. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to make your life easier and more interesting with virtual reality.


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