World’s First Fantom Developer Conference Comes to Abu Dhabi

Fantom Developer Conference

Keynote Limited has released the details of the Developer Conference (Fantom DC) at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi from October 25-29, 2021. Plans are in place for an exciting event that will match the North American Bitcoin Conference and the World Blockchain Forum in scale and ambition. Tickets will be available for purchase on September 15, 2021.

Working with the Foundation, the team behind the high throughput, decentralized, and secure smart-contract platform, Keynote is organizing an event for developers of all skill levels who are already building or aspire to build on the rapidly growing Fantom blockchain ecosystem. 

As a renowned global centre for innovation and investment opportunity, Abu Dhabi is a fitting setting for this first annual Developer Conference. Developers, engineers, visionary leaders, founders, economic pioneers, and enterprising investors from across the world will assemble for what will be one of the most exclusive blockchain events anywhere. 

“We are thrilled to host another meeting of brilliant minds in the heart of the Emirates and look forward to welcoming members of the community from around the globe. Since 2015 we have been committed to bringing more companies and dedicating more resources to the Emirates to bring their blockchain strategy and vision to life.” Moe Levin, Founder and CEO of Keynote ADGM.

“As an engineer and developer myself, I wanted to organize a conference that I would personally attend. Especially after attending events like Microsoft’s (MSFT) Professional Developer Conference (PDC), ’s (GOOGL) Next Cloud Developer Conference, and O’Reilly’s Oscon Developer Conference, I find it alarming that there is no truly developer-focused conference in the blockchain space.  With the inaugural Official Developer Conference, we will offer attendees the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Fantom ecosystem development over five days. This conference will target developers of all skill levels. It will cover everything from building your first smart contract to more advanced topics such as scaling your decentralized applications on Opera and continuous deployment and DevOps-related tasks. On top of this, there will be events aimed at connecting people because, at the end of the day, this conference is about inclusion and improving your skill sets from Beginner to Advanced to Expert. There will be something for everyone at this event, in-person and online.” Harry Yeh, Managing Director, Quantum Fintech Group.

“At its core, is a platform built for developers to create revolutionary, easy-to-use products. To date, we’ve been able to attract thousands of active daily users and builders to a multitude of DeFi and NFT projects. We have earned acknowledgment, visibility, and recognition, but this is just the beginning. We are building a network that will continue to innovate and meaningfully impact people’s lives from now far into the future. For example, we recently announced a 370 million FTM incentive program for protocols building on our platform to foster network growth. This is the largest such program in the industry, and it illustrates our commitment to supporting developers who share our forward-looking vision. The conference is another step in this direction. By gathering visionaries, experienced developers, and aspiring builders for an immersive experience focused on ecosystem development, we seek to lay the groundwork for completely novel work. We can’t wait to see the networks and ideas that his event will generate.” Michael Kong, CEO

The program includes standalone sessions led by select industry experts, case study presentations, developer workshops, networking events, and roundtable discussions. The conference also offers a Developers track, DevOps Track, Security/Safety Track, Certification, and a bonus LIVE event giving attendees access to labs, hackathons, and break-out sessions. 

Speakers include:

    • Andre Cronje, DeFi Architect & Creator, Ethereum & Fantom 
    • Roger Ver, Founder,
    • Harry Yeh, Managing Director, Quantum Fintech Group
    • Gabriel Abed, Managing Director, BITT Inc.
    • Michael Kong, CEO, Foundation
    • John Morris, Head of US Operations, Fantom Foundation
    • Moe Levin, CEO & Founder, Keynote ADGM
    • Quan Nguyen, CTO, Fantom Foundation
    • Simone Pomposi, Head of Marketing, Fantom Foundation

In-person and online attendees will also have the chance to hone their blockchain development skills in a boot-camp-style seminar covering the design, testing, and security of distributed blockchain-based projects like NFTs, gaming, and more. 

Since its inception, the Fantom ecosystem has developed a reputation for collaboration, openness, and a commitment to open-source development. The events planned for Fantom DC reflect this spirit. At the conference, attendees will be able to discover new and exciting opportunities through numerous networking events, explore opportunities to collaborate in the developer community, and meet some of the great minds behind the most successful crypto and blockchain projects.  

Limited numbers of attendees at this exclusive event will ensure the highest levels of interaction and learning. To ensure safety and well-being, FantomDC will follow the protocols of the Safe Together initiative. Attendees will be required to show a negative PCR result and proof of full vaccination. For those who wish to attend but can’t fly for personal and safety reasons, the FantomDC online platform will also be available to each online attendee with unlimited access to the LIVE-stage event with some bonus content from developers and industry leaders. The platform will also feature engaging networking opportunities for online viewers to schedule web meetings and connect with speakers and attendees. 

Tickets to the in-person event in Abu Dhabi are limited and are going fast. Attendees can secure theirs now to maximize this unique and extraordinary FantomDC experience.

For tickets and to find out more about this event, please visit  

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