A Year Around The World On Just One Bitcoin

Blockchain vs Traditional Finance System

A Bitcoin enthusiast’s amazing journey through 18 countries with only a single Bitcoin in his pocket to spend.

On just 1 Bitcoin, Rafael R Hauxley compiled 178 hours of footage and 28 interviews, during an incredible 1 year journey around the world.

An unbelievable experience

After he purchased a bitcoin for $4,724, the price of bitcoin started coming down and just in one month of purchase the value of one BTC sunk down to $3,350. Hauxley likened his experience to “a chump who bought a new car off the dealer’s lot”.

Notwithstanding, he kept riding the rollercoaster. He would not give up! Just a few days before Christmas, an unbelievable thing happened!

The price of bitcoin rose to $19k! This called for celebration.

In fact, there and then, he says, he felt tempted to cash it all out, but he didn’t. “A few OG’s I met in Hong Kong told me to keep saddled on that bucking Bronco — feel the adrenaline of the ups and the heartbreak of the downs. After all, there are two sides to a coin or better said life isn’t a bed of Roses”.

So he decided to stick it out and hope for the best, as he continued in his adventure.

Truly, it wasn’t all rosy but he can boldly say that he would do it all over without cashing out either. It wasn’t rosy because being on such a strict budget exposed him to certain conditions we would normally have avoided which exposed him to a lot of pulsating circumstances according to his journal.

The journey

Just like anyone would imagine it to be, a journey around the world is an incredible thing, adventurous and exciting. But having to do it with only crypto to spend, is a different experience. Over the course of the journey, he met with the likes of Vitalik Buterin in Shenzhen (southeastern China), John McAfee in Singapore, Anthony Bourdain in France, and countless other great personalities.

He sure tasted the life and culture of many countries.

“I was able to learn a lot of things or something(s) from everyone I came in contact with during my one year bitcoin experience,” Hauxley recalls. “Often times one feel tempted to use money to avoid pains. Use money to buy our way through everything.” He explains that if he had traveled on a big budget, he could have stayed in hotels. He could have lived sumptuously worrying about nothing.

Instead, he couch-surfed, met amazing hosts, and told them all about BTC.

“Around the world I met absolute badass crypto OG’s, movers-and-shakers, and newbies too. They were all present and altogether, it was an interesting experience.” he explains how this experience sharpened his own knowledge. He traded BTC for fiat, and perhaps even got introduced to their crypto friends — which they did, every time, because the crypto community is so cool.

The journey was filled with lots of adventure and amazing experiences, when writing on his experience he says “ My write-up will be so large if I decide to really narrate my experience in-details.”

Finally, it was a success! He made it!

The resounding conclusion that can be gotten from this journey round the word on just one bitcoin is that bitcoin can set us free to a great extend.

For those who haven’t already, say hello to bitcoin

Bitcoin, first released as an open-source software in 2009, is generally considered the first decentralized cryptocurrency.

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, over 4,000 other cryptocurrencies have been created.

Bitcoin is a blockchain based technology; Blockchain is a data bank which is updated and distributed throughout the network.

This is to ensure its transparency. And it’s integrity…

Even if any part of the network fails, there are other units which would have the same information, so there is no cause for concern over lost data.

More details about Hauxley’s bitcoin journey can be found at: https://bitcoinaroundtheworld.com

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