Women in Leadership: Vietnam Sees More Women in Leadership Positions

According to the latest Grant Thornton’s International Business Report, the percentage of women in senior management going up at a remarkable rate in Vietnam, becoming Number One country in the world in terms of gender parity initiatives at senior levels in business establishments.

Vietnam has a higher ratio of companies ensuring equal access to developmental opportunities at 56 percent, compared to the global average of 34 percent, according to a report recent report released by global consulting company Grant Thornton International. The country is followed by Nigeria, India, and Indonesia.

ASEAN region came in third in the top five regions in terms of the proportion of women in senior management behind Africa which came in first with 38% and second placed Eastern Europe with 35%.

Meanwhile in Singapore, the number of women in C-suite positions has grown in 2020. The research has seen 2% more female CEOs, 4% more COOs and 9% more CFOs in comparison to 2019.

Vietnamese Women

For enabling flexible working conditions, allowing women to change their work schedule at their convenience, Vietnam scored 56 percent, well above the global average of 31 percent, finds the report. In terms of businesses making efforts to create an inclusive culture, Vietnam scores 58 percent, compared to 34 percent globally. Vietnam’s ratio of women in senior management, 33 percent, is also higher than global average of 29 percent.

In Vietnam, 95 percent of businesses have at least one woman in senior management, compared to 87 percent, globally. The most popular positions for female senior leaders in Vietnam are human resources director, chief finance officer, and chief operating officer.

Francesca Lagerberg, global leader at Grant Thornton International said, “If we want to continue to see more women in senior positions, businesses need to be intentional. Policies that ensure diversity of thought at the decision-making table, that address equal opportunity in career development and bias in recruitment and develop inclusive cultures can’t just be a nice to have – they are a must.

“Once implemented, these policies must be enforced and regularly reassessed to judge their effectiveness. When that is combined with real commitment from senior leadership, only then will real transformational change take place.”

Interview with Michael Evans, CEO of USPA International Security Regarding Security Company Franchises

Michael Evans is CEO at USPA International and USPA Nationwide Security. This security guard company is the corporate chieftain of an evolving business ecosystem, comprised of several subsidiaries, delivering personal security, anti-kidnapping, human trafficking assistance, safe rooms, security technology and traditional security services in 14 countries since 2005. Panic Room USA builds nuclear shelters, ballistic walls for schools, religious buildings and private individuals all over the world.

Hello Michael, welcome to Startup Fortune. It’s a pleasure to have you with us today. Please tell us a little bit about USPA International and the services you provide?

About 15 years ago, USPA was a name I thought of in my friend’s backyard. I envisioned this large security company in my mind. Today, USPA International is a multi-national security company with operations all over the world, including our licensees (similar to a security company franchise), we employ by direct employment or contract, more than 3000 security professionals. We have been operating in high-risk zones abroad, providing close protection, armed ship security in South Africa and anti-kidnapping services as well as recovery operations in parts of South and Central America. In the United States, under USPA Nationwide Security, we provide traditional security guard services, private investigation, close protection and emergency fire watch.

Being a security firm that provides technology and general security services to 14 countries, what makes USPA stand out from other security companies in your opinion?

I believe it’s because we put value before profit. We are the only security guard company in world to offer services free to women and children. Free services include kidnap recovery, abduction support, domestic violence assistance and relocation assistance to women and children who are in a seemingly inescapable situation. While we cannot take on all cases for free, we try to help as many families as we can when funding, time and logistics allow.

Could you tell us a bit about the initial challenges you had to face while building your business?

In any business, we need to evolve with the times. If I were doing business today – the same way I was doing business 10 years ago – I’d be out of business. Your question regarding initial challenges can be an interview in and of itself. That is why I started Blueline Capital many years ago. Blueline is the parent company of startasecuritycompany.com and officersuppydepot.com; two companies I formed with my partners to be the resource for helping people start their own security business. Through consulting, eBooks, templates and videos, I was able to help thousands of new security business owners to get past the initial challenges, which are usually the brick wall that stops people from succeeding in business.

Could you please tell us more about your Trademark Licensee Program?

Most people who are looking to start a security company, look into current lists of security company franchises. I am not a fan of buying a security franchise for a new business owner. I created my trademark licensee program for people who would like to jump into the security market with both feet, with fifteen years of experience, business credit, references and credibility in their corner on day one. We have so many different options for our trademark licensees. Some choose to go after a single contract while leveraging our credentials and they remain a one-contract company without any further advertising. Examples of this business model are returning veterans, securing a contract to protect and manage a private residence (actors, singers, etc). While they may possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to secure the family, estate, conduct route planning, etc. they would never get in the door to present their skills, without a well-known, well-oiled machine of a business behind them.

Others seek our program to bid on government contracts, where there exists a time-in-business requirement. Our licensees are able to leverage, not only our time in business, but our real-life experience and management of such contracts, both domestic and abroad.

How do you select your security business franchisees? Are there specific guidelines to apply to become one?

I personally review every application for licensee. The most important trait I look for are: reliable, honest and capable of performing the services they will offer. I can teach anyone business, but I cannot teach them to do the right thing. That started at the dinner table, when they were children.

What are the future developments of USPA? Do you have plans to expand your services to more countries?

We are currently seeking new trademark licensees in the United States and we have opportunities in areas around the globe. The first step is to call us for a quick demonstration. In fifteen minutes, you’ll know if this program is right for you. We are on the cutting-edge of technology. We create what I call, the “New CEO.” The days of giant buildings, expensive overhead and antiquated business models are as useful as Blockbuster is to movie rentals. Call us and see why we’ve become the standard by which other companies emulate and measure their success by.

Thank you again for taking the time for doing this with us.

You can find more details about USPA International Security at: www.uspasecurity.com


With a Vision To Boost Adoption Of Cryptocurrency Vexa Global Brings New Platform to Provide Blockchain Services

Blockchain technology is scaling newer heights of success at an unbelievably fast pace and Vexa Global, a Tallinn based cryptocurecy and tehnologue company aims to provide innovators and technology enthusiasts around the world with an all in one solutions platform to get their innovations to the next level.

The power of innovation made this world a hub of technologies. Among the various innovations, innovation based on blockchain ecosystem is emerging at a faster rate. In this blockchain field, Vexa Global, the platform created by Thomas Alvec to enable the blockchain services to facilitate faster integration of the world and will introduce a range of prospects for business entities, commercial organisations and individuals to help them accelerate development and marketing.

Vexa Global is a team of specialists in the IT, cryptocurrency trading and modern technologies. Their specialist team have been involved in various ICO projects, building blockchain infrastructure, designing software for ATMs, cryptocurrency exchanges. The team always focuses on global analysis, solid research and modern technologies that give them unique opportunities which allow them to better anticipate risks and create fantastic results, thus protecting their client’s wallets from any risk. The company offers various products such as crypto ATM with state of the art hardware, cryptocurrency exchanges solutions and payment system.

One of the important visions of Vexa Global is to construct the world’s largest ATM infrastructure for exchanging (buying and selling) bitcoins and several other top cryptocurrencies. Each ATM machine they make will have many additional functions such as additional safe inside, banknote recycler, different types of banknote cassettes, many languages, camera, and fingerprint scanner, etc. More info about the online ATM shop can be found at – https://vgpartner.eu

VG Partner is an expert centre for bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and fin-tech solutions with locations in the Estonia and United States. We believe that Bitcoin and blockchain technology will essentially change how society interacts in the years to come. Our mission is to make Bitcoin graspable and offer easy access to this technology.

VG Partner is providing a wide range of high-quality solutions for Cryptocurrency and traditional payment and self-service solutions. The success of VG Partner is based on cooperation and development of foreign markets by offering products that are high-demand and competitive in the European Union, the CIS, Asia, South America, and Africa. The strong growth of the company is tightly related with the steady increase in the market of Cryptocurrency worldwide.

Also Vision of Vexa Global revolves around following points:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange https://vg.exchange/ – take it to top 10 exchanges.
  • Create a cryptocurrency ecosystem with native cryptocurrency.
  • Creating new startups in the IT industry
  • 15% commission from every transaction on Vexa Global ATM or from other payment system will be given to Vexa Global foundation which will fight against ocean pollution and rescue of endangered marine species.
  • Education of business partners about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Creating and implementing own revolutionary payment system around the world using cryptocurrencies.
  • Creating the largest events for enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies and modern technologies.

Vexa Global’s chief executive officer Thomas Alvec has been widely known for helping one of the largest companies to introduce one of the early ATMs three years ago to help people buy and sell bitcoins in the United States. With a team of dozens of engineers, marketing specialists and experienced traders Vexa Global intends to provide the entrepreneurs and businesses who are engaging in the industry to build smarter innovations in the blockchain. The company enables the blockchain ecosystem and the underlying technology to facilitate faster integration of the ‘internet of things’. The founder of the company had previously assisted with creation of government projects for different countries implementing blockchain technology and contributing to the global adoption of blockchain technology.

About Vexa Global

Thomas AlvecVexa Global is a Tallinn based IT enterprise founded in the year 2019. Thomas Alvec, with his passion to build innovations that apply intelligent technologies that ease complex solutions created the company by assigning a team of specialists in information technology, internet of things and experienced developers. Vexa Global currently employs dozens of developers, marketing specialists and experienced traders; the team also has people who work remotely. The initiative intends to provide the entrepreneurs and businesses who are engaging in the industry to build smarter innovations as it can be challenging to understand what the actual benefits of blockchain solutions without having an experienced company to work with.

Over the years Global Partner LLC has been involved in various digital currency projects, building blockchain projects infrastructure, designing software for ATMs and cryptocurrency exchanges. The firm established their first office under the new brand Vexa Global in Europe in Estonia, Tallinn to provide services to their partners from Europe and Asia. In Vexa Global office there is a trading room, where the firm’s traders work from Monday to Friday along with a marketing department that is constantly working on new projects. Vexa Global works with a team of technology and finance hotheads. More details about the company can be found at: https://vexaglobal.com

Media contact information:

Name: Thomas Alvec
Company: Global partner LLC
Email: info@vexaglobal.com
Website: https://vexaglobal.com

Creating Luxury Footwear Everyone Can Afford: An Interview With Somiar Co-Founder And Designer Josean Cruz

SomiarWith their timeless designs of luxury footwear ranging from Chelsea style boots to the classic lace-ups and a unique sense of style, Somiar is making premium designs, that’s crafted in Spain, available in the U.S. market at a price range that every fashion enthusiast can afford.

In this interview, Josean Cruz, the young, dynamic and talented designer and Co-Founder of Somiar talks about Somiar and his passion for premium footwear designs, and their ‘dream’ that started in Spain.

Hello, and welcome to StartupFortune. Thank you very much for taking the time to be with us. Could you tell us a little about yourself and your journey as a designer?

Thank you for having me and gladly; Somiar was co-founded with myself and two other co-founders, Emmanuel Hernandez and Hector Hernandez. Our journey really stems from having similar upbringings and unable to afford nice shoes. The three of us are very different, so the boots and shoes we design had to be versatile, like us. It’s why we named our brand Somiar, which means to ‘dream.’ We manifested a dream to reality, which is more than anyone could have expected from three guys from urban Philadelphia.

What’s the inspiration behind the designs at Somiar? What do you think makes Somiar unique?

The inspiration really comes from our transition from always wearing really popular brand name sneakers to a more adult, grown shoe. We changed our styles and needed shoes to go with our looks. Even while shopping around none of the shoes were really versatile, being either too formal or too casual, so we decided to start designing our own. We traveled to Spain and got to know our artisans personally. We met their families, learned their history and shared our history with them. We built such a good relationship, we consider each other family. We made sure that they had everything they needed and in good working conditions. It is what makes us unique, this is a family-owned business, true to values and traditions, and we try our best to exhibit that to our customers.

How does it feel to be running a family business, a passion and craft passed down through generations?

It’s an amazing feeling. It’s the most rewarding part of our business. We know the traditions of handcrafting shoes have been passed on for generations and we translate that into every package we put together, by adding more personal touches to every package.

What were the initial challenges Somiar had to face while expanding to the U.S.?

Challenges, there would definitely be two that stick out to me. The first is the competition and differentiating ourselves in such a saturated and competitive industry. The second would be producing standout designs that would captivate the versatility of the market. Our shoes are not meant for anyone’s style of person. It is for everyone, of every style, of every age and every personality.

What do you think of the current design trends in the industry? What are the things you do to make sure Somiar keeps up with the never-ending design changes?

I think the current styles and trends are so variable. You can have old-school looks like a combat boot and combine that with trending colors and materials, to innovate a new look to an old-fashioned shoe or boot. We love fashion, and because our styles are so different, we pull trends and ideas from all outlets. We research through social media, celebrities, tune in to Fashion weeks globally, etc.

Would you like to talk about how Somiar handles customer support that makes it stand out from the others?

We provide multiple channels for support; we have a live chat, we provide a phone number on our website and we are also very responsive and involved on our social media accounts and via e-mail. We really value all feedback and inquiries we receive, so we want to treat everyone with the utmost respect and let them know we are here for them.

That’s really cool! Can you explain a little bit about the process at Somiar from the design to the artisan to while the product reaches the customer?

We work very closely with our artisans. It is definitely a two-way street. They have ideas that we may have never seen and we provide them ideas behind some of the trends in the industry. As a team, we agree to the designs and even the names for the shoes and boots. Once we settle on a design, we get samples made to fine-tune any additional details we’d like to see. We then set a quantity to be made in which they are sent to the United States. Upon receiving the shoes and boots, we go through them “with a fine-tooth comb” to ensure consistency in our product. When a purchase is made we personally package and add all of those last details in the packaging that makes Somiar so special. We also provide Free Priority shipping and all tracking information for every purchase made.

Could you tell us about your favorite designs of Somiar and why you like them the most?

Our favorite designs would have to be The Lu, The Legend and The Winged Valdez. They are such unique designs. The Lu with the dragonfly patterns makes it truly a one of a kind. The Legend is a classic, no matter the color. Finally, The Winged Valdez is definitely a favorite for us; by far one of the most versatile styles we have and has our signature of the winged toe.

What are the future plans for Somiar?

Our future plans are to grow our business and keep delivering to everyone. We want to remain consistent in our personal touches but also lead to new trends, designs, and styles. We also may be exploring an opportunity for clothing designs.

Thanks again for your time Josean, and now, one last thing. Where can we find more details about Somiar and its designs?

You can check out our latest designs at www.somiarthreads.com. Also, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news, trends, and alerts.

An Interview With Adrian Kotowski, The Founder And CEO Of Audiencly

Influencer marketing has grown to an important industry in recent years, now it has become a critical part of any business and is becoming increasingly popular.

Today, we are interviewing Adrian Kotowski, the young and dynamic entrepreneur who’s already established several sustainable businesses. Adrian is the founder and CEO Audiencly, an agency that is revolutionizing the way influencer marketing works. In this special interview, we’re discussing his projects, future goals and his journey to becoming a successful businessman at a very early age.

Hello Adrian, welcome to Startup Fortune, could you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Thanks for having me here! I am from Germany, 20 years old and I am operating with global Influencer Marketing for over 5 years now. Over the years I have gained a lot of insights and created some of the most viral and successful Influencer Campaigns on Youtube.

All my previous companies have used Influencer marketing in order to acquire our target users and with our successfully working Influencer concept, we have helped several brands and established companies to succeed on a bigscale throughout the years.

You are only 20 years old now, how old were you when you created your first business? How did it go?

My first business was a website for item games which I have created at age15 to 16. It turned out way more successful than ever expected and that was the stepstone for my passion for Influencer Marketing Campaigns. At that time our small team has hired a well-known Gaming Influencer to promote and use our Website which has acquired us many additional users and organic traffic from a solid source.

That has lead to the idea of managing Influencer operations and relations for other brands too and to finally founding an Influencer Agency which has improved over the years to become the version as it is today running several huge campaigns on global markets.

Audiencly had such a successful start. What makes Audiencly so unique and beneficial for every company?

We built a solid concept that connects an Influencer management agency together with a Campaign & Marketing agency. This allows us to drive big influencer campaigns on any scale with great results.

Besides we have understood to distinguish Influencers that are worth it and build one of the biggest networks consisting of valuable Influencers for every niche and region.

Can you share a few more insights on how Influencer marketing has changed throughout the years and what Audiencly has changed?

One of the main aspects that we have to understand pretty early and which has brought us ahead of many others is that we understand the importance and especially we can track down valuable Influencers rather than just Influencer with a big reach.

In the past we have worked with Influencers with millions of impressions and views but who had only like a 5% conversion rate whereas our valuable influencers that we work with today might have a slightly smaller reach but they have an extremely strong bond to their audience and are able to really“Influence” their audience and achieve conversion rates far over 20% which obviously turns out far more profitable for the brands.

That’s wonderful! Can you explain a little more about the process to start a campaign with Audiencly? How does it work?

The process of how to start a campaign with us is pretty easy. All that needs to be done is to contact one of our Managers or me via our website or LinkedIn and we will instruct all the further details about the plan, target audiences, and goals and we will look into their business to get a proper understanding of everything in order to use all the information and create a working campaign plan which can be implemented immediately. However it certainly helpt to already have a clear vision on what you want to promote, what audience do you want to target and are your main goals you want to achieve with this campaign so that we can work on how to make your goals become reality.

What are the future plans for Audiencly, where do you see the company going from here?

We have planned big projects for Audiencly and really interesting campaigns which will catch a lot of attention and bring awareness to our client’s products more than ever before!

We continue to expand every day and grow consistently and so does our network of amazing Influencers, Brands and Team members to create more successful campaigns at a higher level every time.

Thanks again for your time Adrian, and we wish you the best with your future endeavors.

Wesbite : www.Audiencly.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Audiencly
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/audiencly/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/audiencly/

How to Search on Google – Advanced Search Commands

Here is a list of advanced Google search strings and operators you need to know to make most out of Google results. Instead of just searching casually, use these advanced search phrases to get a more accurate results for the data you are looking for.

Exact “search term”

Gets you the exact match in your search results.

Just like: “startup fortune”


Search for X or Y. This will return results related to X or Y, or both. Note: The pipe (|) operator can also be used in place of “OR.”

Just like: startup OR fortune // startup | fortune


Search for X and Y. This will return only results related to both X and Y. Note: It doesn’t really make much difference for regular searches, as Google defaults to “AND” anyway. But it’s very useful when paired with other operators.

Just like: startup AND fortune

The ‘-‘ command

– excludes a term or phrase in your search string.

Just like: startup -fortune (brings results about startup without the term fortune in it)

The ‘*’ command

Acts as a wildcard and will match any word or phrase.

Just like: startup * fortune

The ‘()’ command

Group multiple terms or search operators to control how the search is executed.

Just like: (startup OR blockchain) startupfortune

The ‘$’ command

Search for prices. Also works for Euro (€), but not GBP (£)

Just like: ipad $329


A dictionary built into Google, basically. This will display the meaning of a word in a card-like result in the SERPs.

Just like: define:entrepreneur


Returns the most recent cached version of a web page (providing the page is indexed, of course).

Just like: cache:startupfortune.com


Restrict results to those of a certain filetype. E.g., PDF, DOCX, TXT, PPT, etc. Note: The “ext:” operator can also be used—the results are identical.

Just like: startupfortune filetype:pdf / startupfortune ext:pdf


Limit results to those from a specific website.

Just like: site:startupfortune.com


Find sites related to a given domain.

Just like: related:startupfortune.com


Find pages with a certain word (or words) in the title. In our example, any results containing the word “startupfortune” in the title tag will be returned.

Just like: intitle:startupfortune

Similar to “intitle,” but only results containing all of the specified words in the title tag will be returned.

Just like: allintitle:startupfortune blockchain

Find pages with a certain word (or words) in the URL. For this example, any results containing the word “startupfortune” in the URL will be returned.

Just like: inurl:startupfortune

Similar to “inurl,” but only results containing all of the specified words in the URL will be returned.

Just like: allinurl:startupfortune blockchain

Find pages containing a certain word (or words) somewhere in the content. For this example, any results containing the word “startupfortune” in the page content will be returned.

Just like: intext:startupfortune

Similar to “intext,” but only results containing all of the specified words somewhere on the page will be returned.

Just like: allintext:startupfortune blockchain

Proximity search. Find pages containing two words or phrases within X words of each other. For this example, the words “startupfortune” and “blockchain” must be present in the content and no further than four words apart.

Just like: startupfortune AROUND(4) blockchain

Find the weather for a specific location. This is displayed in a weather snippet, but it also returns results from other “weather” websites.

Just like: weather:san francisco

See stock information (i.e., price, etc.) for a specific ticker.

Just like: stocks:aapl

Force Google to show map results for a locational search.

Just like: map:silicon valley

Find information about a specific movie. Also finds movie showtimes if the movie is currently showing near you.

Just like: movie:avengers


Convert one unit to another. Works with currencies, weights, temperatures, etc.

Just like: $329 in GBP


Find news results from a certain source in Google News.

Just like: startupfortune source:the_verge


Search for a range of numbers. In the example below, searches related to “WWDC videos” are returned for the years 2010–2014, but not for 2015 and beyond.

Just like: wwdc video 2010..2014


Find pages that are being linked to with specific anchor text. For this example, any results with inbound links containing either “startupfortune” or “blockchain” in the anchor text will be returned.

Just like: inanchor:startupfortune blockchain


Similar to “inanchor,” but only results containing all of the specified words in the inbound anchor text will be returned.

Just like: allinanchor:startupfortune blockchain

Here are the Google search operators that have been discontinued and no longer work.


Force an exact-match search on a single word or phrase.

Just like: jobs +startupfortune – You can do the same thing by using double quotes around your search.


Include synonyms. Doesn’t work, because Google now includes synonyms by default. (Hint: Use double quotes to exclude synonyms.)

Just like: ~startupfortune


Similar to “inpostauthor,” but removes the need for quotes (if you want to search for a specific author, including surname.)

Just like: allinpostauthor:startup fortune


Find blog posts with specific words in the title. No longer works, as this operator was unique to the discontinued Google blog search.

Just like: intitle:startupfortune blockchain


Find information about a specific page, including the most recent cache, similar pages, etc. Note: The id: operator can also be used—the results are identical.

Just like: info:startupfortune.com / id:startupfortune.com


Find results from a certain date range. Uses the Julian date format, for some reason.

Just like: daterange:11278–13278


Find someone’s phone number. (Deprecated in 2010)

Just like: phonebook:Mayan MV


Searches #hashtags

Just like: #startupfortune

Marketers Media – 10 News Platforms You Shouldn’t Miss

For businesses of all sizes and industries, news publishing offers exceptional results. A good PR story works like a magic wand to increase your online presence and gives your brand exposure. This is a crucial element for any business because of the media coverage it provides. Publishing something about your business or brand on major media platforms is essential to be noticed by a large number of audiences. It also builds trust and authority, if a customer notices that something about your company or brand has been published in a major media network, it builds trust and increases their confidence in your business, isn’t it?

This brings us to the next question, what are some of the best places to publish your news?

Here’s Our Marketers Media List

Yahoo News & Finance

yahoo news publishing

Yahoo news is one of the most popular and most read news platforms on the internet. Yes. It’s even better than Google News. The platform gets millions of readers every day. It will definitely be great if your website gets a place there. You can submit a news article or press release to Yahoo News network through one of their content partners. You can reach out to one of their partner networks to pitch your story and get featured there or you can spend about 400-500 dollars to publish it through any of the major news wires. You can also use our PR service to get published on Yahoo News and Finance. Costs $399. It only takes under a week to get your news published there.


The second in our marketers media list is Reuters. Especially for the SEO weight it carries. As you’d already know, Reuters is one of THE most popular international news organizations. It doesn’t directly accept news from individuals but there are ways to get published on their network. Most of their writers and contributors always leave their emails posted on their network and open to accept content tips and pitches. But that of course doesn’t guarantee that you’d get published there.

One important thing about getting published there is that, unlike yahoo, you can get dofollow backlinks from Reuters which will be a huge help with your search engine optimization efforts. So how do you get there? News wires charge from 600 to 900 to publish an article/press release on Reuters. There are several news wires available that will help you publish content on Reuters. Takes about a week and our PR marketing service provides it too. Please feel free to reach out in case.






Startup Fortune


We will update shortly with more information on how to publish on these marketers media platforms.

An Exclusive Interview With Tattoo Model And Entrepreneur Vany Vicious

Vany Vicious is a popular tattoo model born and raised in Dade-County (Miami, FL) She’s been professionally modeling since the age of 18, and has over a decade of experience. Vanys work includes everything from fashion to lifestyle, gore and cosplay. She started getting tattooed at a young age and fell in love with the industry. At 18 Vany Vicious was a body piercer working in multiple tattoo shops in the Miami area which is how she began getting tattooed and also being photographed for tattoo magazines . Vany Vicious has reached over half a million followers on Instagram and over 4 million followers on her facebook page organically. Because of her gigantic social media presence, she is now a successful entrepreneur and has two business aside from her modeling career; ThrowBack Garage and Haute Floss.

In this exclusive interview, Vany talks about her career as a model, her goals and her journey to become a successful model.

Hi Vany, thank you very much for doing this with us! Welcome to Startup Fortune. Could you tell us a little about yourself? What’s your story?

Hey there, of course! My name is Vanessa but i’m known on the internet as Vany Vicious. I’m a model and entrepreneur. I’ve been in numerous tattoo magazines across the world including a few covers, and I now have 2 online clothing stores called Haute Floss and ThrowBack Garage.

How old were you when you started modeling and why did you want to become a model?

I started modeling at 18, so I’ve been in this industry for over a decade. I honestly never thought about modeling and never really thought i would ever be the “model-type”. I was a weird kid growing up and was never really the “pretty girl”. When I was 18, my roommate at the time purchased a camera from a garage sale or something. We spent the entire day playing dress-up and taking photos around our house. I was kind of digging the photos so I uploaded them to MySpace and was soon contacted by a Pinup Girl style website. They asked if I would be OK with them publishing the photos on their site and I agreed. From then on, I kept shooting with professionals I was meeting on Myspace, kept posting, and my social media presence kept growing.

What was your first big break in the industry? How long did you have to wait for that?

I think the first time I ever got really recognized was probably on my first cover shoot. Which totally happened randomly. It was Savage Magazine a very very long time ago.

What were the initial challenges you had to face?

At the beginning I didn’t have many challenges because I didn’t have as many people watching. I think more challenges come along the more popular you become. I think the biggest challenge is letting go of the negativity people spread on social media. It bothered me for a while, constantly having millions of people telling me everything that they think is wrong with me.I’ve learned throughout the years that you can’t please everyone. And I’ve truly accepted and embraced who I am 100%

What is the most interesting incident that happened to you during a shoot? What has been your favorite job so far?

I’ve had a few interesting moments for sure. I’ve done shoots with baby crocodiles which was pretty awesome. I’ve also almost fainted during a shoot because I thought it was a good idea when I first started to starve myself before shooting. I’ve learned my lesson . I also almost drowned attempting an underwater shoot a few years back with a piece of cloth that was about 50 feet long. Everyday is a new day !

I honestly don’t have a favorite because I constantly work with such amazing and creative people, I really cannot pick a favorite. I love every chance I get to create something new. I recently shot in Joshua Tree National Park in California which was beyond amazing.

Would you like to mention a couple of your clients? Any specific names or brands that you’ve worked with?

I’m so grateful to be able to work with brands I love. I work consistently with ProSupps, GButter and Fashion Nova and I love them all. I am forever grateful that they gave me a chance .

Now, let’s talk about something else for a moment 🙂 What is your favorite movie of all time and why? Do you have a favorite celebrity?

My favorite movie of all time is True Romance. There is just something about that movie that I find so dope. I think one of my favorite celebrities is Leah Remini. She is hilarious and so tough . She reminds me of my family members, she could easily be my cousin .

What do you think is the most unique quality of yours? What makes you stand out?

I think what makes me stand out is my hustle. There are thousands of girls who do this type of modeling, and there are thousands with way more followers than me. But I know I’m doing something different when these girls are reaching out to me for advice on how to grow their personal brands. I think the way I market myself, and the way I have been able to build a business from being me is what separates me from the rest. Not everyone has that grind mentality.

Tell us about your diet and exercise routine. Do you eat nutritiously? How do you train? Do you like yoga?

I train 4-5 times a week and I love heavy lifting. I train like a body- builder because that’s how I was taught and that’s how I’ve seen the most results and changes in my body . I do eat well, except on weekends. Ya girl loves her cheeseburgers. Not a fan of yoga though, having big legs makes it difficult to be flexible but I need to work on that.

Becoming a successful model is just a dream for many. Is there anyone you are grateful for helping you get where you are now?

I’m grateful to every photographer that has worked with me, especially in the beginning. One person I am extremely grateful for is my friend Vanessa (VaneVivid) on instagram. She is the first photographer that got creative with me and there was a big chunk of my career that I was only shooting with her for magazine publications. She always believed in me and we always produced really amazing images. She is a big part of my life and I love her to death.

What are your future plans? Do you have any plans to create your own fashion startup at some point?

Right now I’m putting a lot of my focus into my two stores . I started them both around the same time this year so they are very new. I’m treating them like my babies. Haute Floss is an online swimwear and women’s clothing boutique. Throwback Garage is a vintage clothing and home goods shop I opened on Etsy.

That’s wonderful! Tell us about your journey, from a model to become an entrepreneur!

I’ve been able to fully support myself with my modeling career for a very very long time. I know modeling is not going to last forever so I thought that putting some time into new ventures would be a smart thing for me to do. Although, I have college degrees, the entrepreneurship is what really makes me happy.

As a person who started in the industry at a very young age, do you have any advice for those who want to become a model?

My advice would be , do not shoot anything you are uncomfortable with. Intuition is a very real thing. If something doesn’t feel right at a photo shoot, or even during a conversation before, Don’t do it.

When you are not busy modeling, what are your favorite activities? Do you have any hobbies?

I’m truly a work horse. I’ll have fun when I feel like I’ve done enough. It sounds miserable to some people, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks again for your time and now, one last thing. Where can we follow you? 🙂

My instagram is @OfficialVanyVicious, my fitness IG is @vanyviciousfit

Facebook Page https://facebook.com/officialvanyvicious

and website: www.vanyvicious.com

Thank you!

An Interview With The Italian Entrepreneur, Alessio Vinassa

Alessio Vinassa is the founder of company AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD, which operates in the software development field. AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD is creating a payment institution that will be the turning point in the relationship between people, banks and payment processors. Some of the features of the project include personalizing your account and using blockchain technology. Relevant to many, even support is available 24/7. We contacted the company AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD’s founder, Alessio Vinassa, to get a preview on the payment system that will be released by the softer development company AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD in November.

Let’s start from the heart of the matter… as a payment institution, what makes AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD different from all online payment processors and banks?

Alessio Vinassa: To be different in the market, we need one thing… to offer a solution to a need. Only when you come up with a solution can you be noticed in this saturated market and above all, be successful.
Today, people need to be able to manage their money. In recent years, the policy of banks has become increasingly rigid with respect to customers – payment limits, limits on receiving money, and an endless bureaucracy that slows down your operations and your business. I believe that all of us as entrepreneurs have found ourselves in these situations. Measures taken by banks or payment processors is in the interest of their own safety, but when your bank makes it difficult for you to work, then it is creating a problem for you.

Does this mean AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD is creating a service aimed at companies?

Alessio Vinassa: AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD is creating a payment institution for people. They can be companies, freelancers, and individuals without a VAT number. The focus is on the customer, this time for real. The service that AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD is designing allows for the customization of accounts. A user can choose services to suit their own needs, going beyond the simple differentiation between a personal account and corporate account. Upgrades and services will also be available to select from. This way, each user can be satisfied as they do not have to adapt, but can choose their own personalized account. And there will be no slowdowns or annoyances that could put at risk the success of a business operation, or the sending of an urgent transaction to a family member.

What will the credit limits and transaction times be?

Alessio Vinassa: It depends on the client’s account. A customer can request to be able to transfer larger numbers; the important thing is that there is a relationship of mutual trust between customer and company. When checking the account, if you want to access higher upgrades, there will be an online meeting (via call) between the customer and the payment institution’s staff where the customer can present themselves and their business. This way, all verification procedures are carried out immediately, avoiding any future verification that can become an obstacle to one’s money management.

How long does it take to set up an account?

Alessio Vinassa: You can open your account, send information to request verification and receive a response in an hour. In just an hour, you can have a verified account and get a digital card for online purchases.
Business account verification occurs in 48 hours. Once verified, you will be able to send and receive money in a short time without suspensions or further checks. Here, the bureaucracy is simple and businesses can work easily. Everything you need is required at the beginning and once you start using it.

Will your payment institution have a registered office?

Alessio Vinassa: Certainly. There will be the headquarters where AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD offices will be, with the programming team that manages the platform, and the support team available 24/7. It will be a corporate office where the customer’s presence will never be required; all checks, from the opening of an account to verification and support, will take place entirely online. Today, people want to have everything on their device, and that’s what AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD is creating.

When will it be possible to open an account?

Alessio Vinassa: The service will be launched in November 2019. Until then, the brand will not be revealed. AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD has made arrangements for the first customers to use them. Around 500,000 people and businesses are ready to open their account.

Will your programmers create the blockchain system?

Alessio Vinassa: Customer transactions will take place in the blockchain. This is to give the highest level of security available today – complete transparency from the system thanks to the blockchain ledger, keeping customers’ privacy safe.

A payment institution that offers a completely online experience, with lean bureaucracy that can offer users speedy transactions. The integration of blockchain technology will make it possible to get to know the real state of the institution, and to benefit from the security of its portfolios. Only one mystery remains: the name. The next update will be in November.

More details about the platform and more about Mr. Alessio Vinassa can be found at Alessio Vinassa

Romanian Startup SlotManiak To Develop New Games On The Blockchain As Dapps

In his recent interview with Startup Fortune, Mr. Cosmin Petrescu, CEO of the romanian gaming startup announces his plan to develop his latest games on the blockchain platform.

Romania // August 19// Startup Fortune // Gaming industry is arguably one of the very few sectors that has always been on its toes in terms of growth and development. Because it is basically customer centric, game developers have got no choice than to keep the chain rolling on getting better everyday otherwise they risk losing their “hungry, ever addicted” customers to another competitor that is just doing it a little bit better. The evolution of the entertainment sector is therefore always on going. Popular games which were initially designed for conventional platforms are now being developed to adapt to the blockchain world.

Popular games, starburst and gonzo’s quest is definitely in for the ride too. Recently, it was announced that the amazing Starburst and Gonzo’s quest game will be built on a blockchain framework to serve gamers better. The two games which are one of the most popular slot games played both online and in casinos are interesting and adventurous giving gamers a true experience of being in action and truly in quest.

While starburst has an arcade feel which makes it enticing to the players coupled with sounds that balance well with the simple yet multiple themed design. The games doesn’t have much of a background history and as such wastes no time before settling gamers down for the real deal. The game is fast-paced with just 5 reels and 10 play lines. Gonzo’ quest has a rich history of about a 16th century city, Eldorado which holds treasures such as gold but overtime the paths to the place has been scraped.

Both games which were initially developed by NetEnt have enjoyed serous playtime with gamers. The upgrade slotmaniac is now doing on the blockchain framework will no doubt bring gamers’ joy to another level. Since the blockchain is characterized by decentralization, transparency and top notch security, this will give gamers especially casino players, both online and offline a trustful environment to play fairly and enjoy themselves knowing that the outcomes of the game cannot be influenced in anyway. Also, recreating both games on the ethereum Dapps platform will reinforce their independence. The “gems” collected in the game becomes easily trade-able on the blockchain network, and even converted to fiat currencies giving gamers even more reasons to play.

CEO of the startup Mr. Cosmin Petrescu has expressed optimism about the progress of the project, and is sure about the great facelift blockchain technology will give to the games as a DApp. “The rich South America culture sets the tune of the game both in visuals and sound in gonzo’s quest’ we want to give the blockchain users that experience with our development. Their focus seems to be on switching the narrative of the gaming industry to an even better level while promoting the adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry.

More details can be found at: https://www.slotmaniak.com