Alpine Silica Reports on the Demand for Frac Sand Now and in the Future


Fracking is here to stay and full-scale mining operations need dependable workers and materials to ensure operations can continue unabated, announces

Frac sand demand for 2019 is expected to remain flat, according to industry experts, while the supply of this product will increase by roughly 30 percent. As a result, prices should remain stable this year or a decrease may even be seen. However, companies need to find a dependable supplier to ensure they have this product when needed.

Premium frac sand is that sand which is 99 percent or more silica or quartz. Today, much of the frac sand provided contains anywhere from 95 to 99 percent silica. Companies must take this into consideration when choosing a supplier to ensure they are getting the right quality with each delivery.

Nevertheless, grain size must also be factored in, as 20/40 mesh remains the preferred size. This depends on the industry though. For example, oil fracking organizations tend to purchase 20/40 and 30/50 sand, while gas fracking businesses opt for 40/70 and 70/140. A company must speak to the supplier to be certain they have the desired product when needed.

In 2000, there were roughly 276,000 natural gas wells in America. Within ten years, that figure has reached 510,000, as reported by the United States Department of Energy. In addition, new drilling takes place each year, accounting for approximately 13,000 new wells annually.

Fracking remains very popular and profitable in the state of Texas, as America tries to become more energy independent. Frac sand will be needed to support operations at these wells now and in the future. Nevertheless, the outlook for fracking is modest at this time. This is due in large part to gas prices that are on the decline and overproduction.

While shale gas will continue to make up nearly half of the country’s production supply over the next 15 years, the demand for frac sand won’t be as big as it has been in past years. This does not mean the natural gas industry is in any danger.

United States oil production reached its highest level in more than a decade in 2018 and will continue to rise. It is believed natural gas production will increase 44 percent between now and 2040, and the production has already reached new highs as a result of shale gas.

This industry has become so big in the country that other nations are starting to take notice of fracking and its benefits. This includes South Africa, the United Kingdom, and China. They are seeing how America has benefited from using this method to improve their competitive position and boost revenues. In fact, experts state and federal government revenues from fracking could each $113 billion next year.

Americans want to keep energy production in the country, and this method of obtaining gas and oil allows them to do so. This decreases the country’s dependence on foreign oil and allows for more exploration in terms of alternative energy. One major benefit of fracking is it brings jobs to the country, as full-scale mining operations need workers to continue. Materials are needed as well, and this is where a dependable sand supplier is of great help.

Alpine Silica supplies high-quality fracturing products obtained from West Texas sand deposits. The company, located near Kermit, Texas, currently has an annual capacity of three million tons and is opening two new plants, one in Texas and a second in Oklahoma, to better meets the needs of customers.

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