Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Startups In The Indian Pharma Industry Are Minting Billionaires

India’s pharma and healthcare space is counting in billions now and creating new billionaires in the country. According to a Business Standard report seven...
    Dave Barr is a professional Marketing Strategist With Over 6 Years Of Experience in PR. His primary area of expertise is public relations and social branding. Dave has been associated with various content projects from across the world on a regular basis. He has also had associations with big and reputed news networks. Dave contributes to Startup Fortune in the Business, Marketing and Technology sections.

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    Travel Package Subscription Trends as the New Travel Planning

    One of the most suffered industries during the pandemic was the travel industry. The flights mostly flew to bring people back home, who were...

    Avoiding Common Startup Mistakes to Become Uncommon

    Startups put a lot of pressure on their leaders to make the right choices. It’s a stressful position to be in. But there are...

    5 Affordable and Effective Marketing Mantras For a Successful 2021

    Many startups do not consider marketing to be the most vital thing to work on. But on the contrary it is very affordable. Marketing...

    Rudy L Kusuma, The Los Angeles Realtor Talks About His Mission to Help a 1000 Real Estate Agents

    Rudy Lira Kusuma is the CEO of , an INC 500 Fastest Growing Private Company in California. He is the...

    Bespoken Spirits to Accelerate Whiskey Aging in Days

    Silicon Valley; an industrial region around the southern shores of San Francisco Bay, California, is now taking aim at whiskey which is aged in...

    Real Estate Sector in India Likely to Get Hit Worse Due to COVID-19

    India’s real estate sector, already battered by muted sales and piling inventory, is likely to get hit worse than previously envisaged, majorly because of...

    Indian Startups to Get Free Promotion from Nexus and Digit

    A tie-up has been announced between Nexus Startup Hub, a collaboration between the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi and ACIR, and Digit, India's most popular...

    The Journey of an Artificially Emotional Bot to Make the World a Better Place

    With the advent of a digital computer or computer-controlled robots that perform tasks commonly associated with , our world is about to change in shocking and amazing ways.

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