Friday, June 11, 2021

Top DeFi projects of 2021

While there are several already established DeFi projects such as Uniswap and Sushiswap present in the space, there are other promising DeFi projects that are making their way in the blockchain space in 2021.
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    Rikkei Finance Raises $5.6 Million to Build The First Open Lending Platform with Cross-chain Support and NFTs Collateralization

    Rikkei Finance is a Vietnamese DeFi startup, a team of industry experts who’re building a blockchain lending platform. They are using decentralised technology to...

    Fantom Joins F1 Racing with Scuderia AlphaTauri At The Prestigious Monaco GP

    One of the fastest growing blockchain companies has joined the fastest sport on the planet. The logo of Fantom, the fastest blockchain will be...

    Kika — A New Lending Pool Protocol for HECO

    The year 2021 has brought a lot. Crypto prices have skyrocketed, the NFT market exploded, and DeFi continues to blow up, with a year-long...

    YOP App Launches to Bring DeFi to the Masses

    YOP is the First All-in-One App to Combine DeFi Yield Generation, Market Data, IDOs and NFTs in a Single Easy-to-Use Platform

    Reddit User Earns from Posting Comments on the Website to Pay For Hotel Room

    No that's not a clickbait title. This actually happened to someone who was actively using the social media platform Reddit as a medium to...

    Online Education Opens Up New Opportunities In India

    The pandemic time has tested us on every note. Individuals and businesses around the world changed their style of living and working and even...

    Travel Package Subscription Trends as the New Travel Planning

    One of the most suffered industries during the pandemic was the travel industry. The flights mostly flew to bring people back home, who were...

    Avoiding Common Startup Mistakes to Become Uncommon

    Startups put a lot of pressure on their leaders to make the right choices. It’s a stressful position to be in. But there are...

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