Thursday, January 14, 2021

Blockchain Startup Scene Shows Huge Gap in Gender Diversification

A study found the top 100 blockchain projects in the cryptocurrency ecosystem showed deep lack of gender diversification. Using data collected from Github,...

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    An To cool Urban Buildings Without Energy

    Researchers in the United States and Saudi Arabia have collaborated to develop an “” that can direct heat dissipation, which can cool urban buildings without energy . The system consists of an aluminum film coated with the “polydimethylsiloxane” polymeric material, which reflects sunlight and the polymeric material absorbs and dissipates heat from the air.

    The Xinhua News Agency reported that the published in the journal Nature and Sustainability shows that the device consists of an aluminum film coated with the “polydimethylsiloxane” polymeric material, which reflects sunlight and is high. Molecular materials can absorb and dissipate heat from the air.

    The study was conducted in collaboration with researchers from the State University of New York at Buffalo, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. They placed the film at the bottom of a box and erected four outwardly inclined “walls” made of solar absorbent material with inverted pyramids in the middle. The film absorbs heat from the box; The “wall” radiates heat from the film to the outside air while blocking the incident sunlight.

    Researchers say heat radiation is usually in all directions, but the device can illuminate heat like car headlights to dissipate heat more efficiently in high-rise buildings in the city.

    Studies have shown that this device can reduce the temperature of a small enclosed space by a maximum of 6 degrees Celsius during the day and by a maximum of 11 degrees Celsius at night. The unit is approximately 46 cm high and approximately 25 cm long and wide, allowing multiple units to be installed on the roof to cool the building.

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