Aussie Entrepreneur Beats All Odds With The WorkApp Vision


An Aussie entrepreneur has beaten all the odds to create one of the world’s most powerful all-in-one digital platforms for buying and selling, doing business and finding a job.Labrador, Australia – August 21, 2019 /PressCable/ — An Aussie entrepreneur has beaten all the odds to create one of the world’s most powerful all-in-one digital platforms for buying and selling, doing business and finding a job.
Self-confessed “Aussie battler” Shane Wallace has spent the past six years perfecting WorkApp – a totally free service that bundles many digital functions into a single platform.
WorkApp already has almost 40,000 registered users and 950,000 Facebook followers, and is growing every day.
It offers people the chance to sell anything they want for free and gives businesses free advertising, free job vacancy posts and access to worker profiles. Thousands of real estate and vehicle listings will also be appearing soon after deals with major software companies.
Unlike other platforms, WorkApp users always see the closest or freshest listings, creating the first genuinely level playing field in the digital space by not favouring paid promotions.
“WorkApp doesn’t charge any fees or commissions and never will,” WorkApp CEO Shane Wallace said.
“It is unashamedly about taking on the big boys and connecting buyers and sellers, and businesses and workers, without having to pay for the privilege,” he said.
“We’ve spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars raised from everyday Australians to get WorkApp to completion and we’re now turning it over to the people. When we reach a critical mass of users and listings, there’ll be no way they can stop us.”
As a fully automated platform, WorkApp has minimal operating costs. With no commissions, there is no need for expensive administration. Sponsored billboard style advertisements appear strategically throughout WorkApp to ensure it is free for users.
Key partnerships have been established with large real estate and car dealership groups that will see thousands of free sales and rental listings automatically uploaded to WorkApp. Other free functions on the platform include jobs, tasks, worker profiles, wanted listings, community events and messaging. There’s even a digital shop feature for businesses without any fees attached to the sales.
Mr Wallace has risked everything to bring the WorkApp vision to life and goes to any lengths to spread the word. He personally visits many new businesses that join the platform and gives them free promotions . A fleet of prime movers will soon feature WorkApp branding.
“The critics said we would never be able to make this work,” he said. “But after some early failures and with the help of an amazing team and many hundreds of mum and dad Aussie investors, WorkApp is ready.”
The WorkApp philosophy is to make everyday digital applications fairer by eliminating the need to pay for the top position in search results and thereby rewarding genuine effort.
Phone and desktop users can search for a huge range of goods and services by selecting either the closest geographic listing or the freshest listing. WorkApp also uses a proprietary “refresh” technology that allows users to boost their listing to the top of search results with the press of a button and as often as they want.
The original impetus for the platform came from the frustration of trying to find casual workers as close as possible to job locations. From there, WorkApp has evolved into a much bigger multi-function platform while retaining its core principles of proximity and freshness.
“I am the most unlikely of tech entrepreneurs,” Mr Wallace said. “In fact, at the time of starting this venture I had never owned a computer, and still don’t!
“Like many others before, we set out to solve a simple problem – making it easier for businesses to find a local worker without having to pay for it.
“But we soon realised that the absence of any fees or commissions meant we were able to combine the features of many different platforms into a single platform.
“WorkApp returns the power to influence search results to individuals and businesses at no cost and acknowledges that the best worker, product or service may be just around the corner from you.”
WorkApp is available now on the App Store, Google Play and the web. To find out more, visit
Shane Wallace is available for interviews on +61 419 751 020.
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