Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Healthcare Workers the New Catalyst to Change

People have shown a lot of concern for their health in the time of pandemic. A lot of attention has been paid to health...
    Julian Lim is an entrepreneur, technology writer, and a researcher. He started JL Data Analysis after graduating from NUS in Intelligent Systems. Julian writes about technology innovations and entrepreneurship on Business Times, Asia Pacific Magazine and occasionally contributes to Startup Fortune.

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    Derek From More Plates More Dates Insight On Entrepreneurship And The Fitness Industry

    is a young entrepreneur who has built a presence in the self-improvement and fitness niches via his blog and social media platforms (most...

    Utilizing Localized Marketing Strategies to Fight Pandemic Change

    To run a successful multi-location business, localized marketing is essential. It became even more important for the restaurant industry, specifically. Localization has come in...

    Startup Vision: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going

    Focus is a double-edged sword for entrepreneurs. On the one hand, they want to stick to their vision by evaluating every task, project and...

    To Help Small Businesses in India Google Brings ‘Make Small Strong’ Campaign

    Google brings an initiative from mid September called '' with an intention to help small businesses in India to achieve stronger business...

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