Best VPN Service Provider To Watch Netflix, Go For Namecheap VPN to Watch US Only TV Shows, Series and Movies

Best VPN To Watch Netflix

Most of the world population are having a hard time right now, under the COVID 19 quarantine. More than 50% of the countries have either placed a lockdown or restricted social movements. So, how about Netflix to make your time less boring?

How to watch US only netflix tv shows and movies?

Wondering how to watch amazing series and movies exclusively available to the audience in the United States?

Well, the only way is to use a VPN. But none of the free VPN providers will work. You will have to get a premium VPN account and install it on your Windows, Android or iOs devices.

What’s the best VPN for Netflix?

Most of the VPN services, if not all will let you access US only Netflix series; but the only thing that matters to most of us is the cost, right?

Proton VPN costs a minimum of $5 per month and if you get a yearly plan, that becomes $4 per month.

Express VPN costs $12 per month and comes down to $8 if you intend to pay them annually.

But the best VPN service provider is Namecheap; because it costs you just $1 a month. Yes, that’s right. You can have unlimited premium VPN access to a whole year for just $12.00

Why Namecheap VPN is the best option to watch the American Netflix?

All you need is to find a provider that meets three things. 1. Speed, 2. Number of Servers, 3. Pricing and Plans

You don’t need to worry about anything else, and above all, Namecheap is a highly respected, reliable and established company with excellent customer support. So just go for it.

So, head over to; choose the 12$ per year plan and enjoy unlimited access to tv shows and movies that’s otherwise available only to the US.

Installation is really simple, you can download their VPN client on windows, ios or android devices. It will take only a minute and you can set your host country (VPN host) to United states and tada.. you are on.

Have fun!

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