Crypterium Approved by FCA-Regulated Seedrs, Exclusive Private Equity Sale is Now Live


Crypterium—a Fintech startup led by the former VISA General Manager Steven Parker, has gone live with its exclusive private equity sale on Seedrs on the 9th of March. It raised 1.000.000 EUR in just 36 hours.

7500+ Investors Registered At Seedrs

This private equity sale is an opportunity for registered and verified investors to revolutionize finance through blockchain-powered solutions. 

New investors can sign up and get verified on Seedrs. After that, visit 's portal, and click on “Get Priority Access.” 

Since the launch of its pre-registration stage, more than 7500+ investors have joined, promising to contribute a significant portion of Crypterium's crowdfunding goals. Over 21 million EUR have been pledged on the pre-registration stage. The official launch of the Crypterium crowdfunding campaign will take place on March 15.

The award-winning Fintech startup is compliant with regulators' rules and is diversified. Crypterium wants to change how traditional finance operates. Therefore, crowdfunding on Seedrs enables both retail and institutional investors to join their efforts in global expansion. 

Seedrs — an established crowdfunding platform authorized and by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), said Crypterium met their high standards. This platform has a proven record for helping startups and established companies raise over $1 billion.

Funds for Expansion and License Acquisition

The proceeds of this crowdfunding will be used to support Crypterium's medium-term expansion plans in multiple regions. 

Moreover, it will help in user acquisition and improve their Crypterium Visa Program. The Fintech company will develop and launch cryptocurrency card services for specific markets like the United States and China. 

Efforts will also be on scaling market penetrations for Crypterium's Business-to-Business (B2B) services, besides expanding their annual transaction volumes to their target of over $1 billion. Additionally, they will acquire new licenses to service multiple regions.

Parker said funds would boost their developments to reach new markets, reinforcing their leadership in the industry. 

Commenting, he said: “Our focus at Crypterium has always been the same: using to take quality financial services to the most remote places on Earth. Our services are bridging and traditional finances, giving anyone the opportunity to use digital assets or fiat in the same smooth manner. We've gone a long way in the past two years, and we expect this private sale on Seedrs will further boost our development to reach exciting new markets and reinforce our leadership in this ever-evolving industry.”

Notably, its flagship product, Crypterium Wallet, continues to find a significant footprint in the digital asset space. The wallet, a critical tool for storing private keys and therefore indispensable in cryptocurrency, services over 350k people in more than 170 countries. It is available on both iOS and

Crypterium's Monthly Profits Grew 10X in 2020

In 2020 and amid the coronavirus pandemic, Crypterium's monthly profits grew 10X with a turnover of €150 million. 

Two months into 2021, Crypterium has already made half of 2020's turnover. They project more gains, which will translate to more capital gains for private investors who register and participate in the private equity sale.

The global economy finds itself in a healthcare crisis. However, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, cryptocurrencies continue to trend higher. The world's most valuable digital asset, Bitcoin, is trading above $45k. 

A technical analyst from Citibank projects the Bitcoin price to top $100k by the end of 2021. Beyond Bitcoin, price is also at a new all-time high while most DeFi governance tokens are up over 10X year-on-year. The unprecedented growth of crypto and blockchain provides a tailwind for projects offering solutions in the financial space. The expansion of crypto prices pushed the sphere's capitalization above $1 trillion.

Crypterium is banking on more growth this year. Already, the startup is the world's first full-service, ready-made crypto solution. It has also established itself as a leader in white label solutions for businesses, onboarding more than 20 clients who rely on its wallet and payment rails. 


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