Elaine Hau Inspires Women Entrepreneurs With Her Fashion Rental Startup Luxury Fashion Rentals

Elain Hau

Luxury Fashion Rentals gives everyone the opportunity to carry an exclusive designer handbag without spending a fortune. The site features an extensive collection of Louis Vuitton and Chanel handbags for rent. Other featured brands include Hermes, Gucci, Dior, and Moschino. Handbags may be rented for 14- or 30-day terms. Elaine practices an eco-friendly approach in her business by using reusable boxes to manage handbag deliveries. By renting luxury handbags instead of traditionally selling them, Elaine has contributed to the US sharing economy. All first-time customers will receive 20% off their first order. Luxury Fashion Rentals also offers free three-day shipping for a limited time.

Luxury Fashion Rentals

Entrepreneurship in the United States has been on the decline for a while. Women, however, especially minorities, are starting businesses at a rapid rate, and many of them are succeeding in their ventures, helping to remedy the gender imbalance in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and boosting industry growth. Success stories of young entrepreneurs like Elaine give ambitious young women hope and confidence to take the risk of starting their own business.

In any community, regardless of its size or region, women remain the key decision-makers. This is especially true when it comes to purchases for their families and making sure all the needs of a home are met conveniently. This persistence and solution-oriented mindset opens countless new doors for innovation, which makes ventures headed by female entrepreneurs often different from that of men. Indeed, the growth rate of women-owned businesses was 21% from 2014-2019, while growth for all firms regardless of gender in this period was only 9%. Minority female business owners have also seen impressive growth trends in recent years. As an Asian American Elaine is proud to be part of the growth seen in minority women-entrepreneurs.

There are several other startups in the fashion industry that are renting luxury merchandise to people. Elaine’s venture has been gaining attention as the first Asian-American owned company to rent luxury handbags. The rental process is rendered simple with the 5 steps of order, receive, enjoy, return, and review. It is no longer considered taboo to rent these items instead of purchasing them. Moreover, it is the most practical and economical way to approach the increasing demands of the social calendar. Being an avid fashion enthusiast herself, it didn’t take long for Elaine to understand what women need and to then create one of the best platforms for luxury fashion rentals.

“I am happy to call the United States my home and to have followed in my parents’ footsteps by starting my own business. As a woman who moved to the United States from Hong Kong, I’ve had to work diligently to turn my dream into a reality. Luxury Fashion Rentals is committed to providing you with impeccable customer service.” says Elaine.

Elaine Hau is a motivated businesswoman and social media influencer. She began her entrepreneurial journey in 2020 with Luxury Fashion Rentals. The experience gathered through many years in sales and marketing allowed her to promote several brands successfully, which gave her the confidence to start her own business, Luxury Fashion Rentals. She’s also known for being socially responsible and for helping those less fortunate. She currently sponsors numerous children in impoverished parts of the world. Her company recently sponsored The Miss Black DC Event, hosted on February 1, 2020, that celebrated the first day of black history month. As someone who always wanted to start her own business in the United States, and who made it happen through hard work and determination, Elaine will surely inspire many young female entrepreneurs around the world.

Elaine is very active on Instagram and her fashion journey can be followed at @LittleElaineHau

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